Sebastian Young Gets Three Months Probation After Allegedly Beating Wife

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sebthumbIt’s the kind of justice you’ll only find in Florida.

Despite detailed and graphic allegations that a purportedly drug-fueled Sebastian Young beat his wife with a cutting board, a cake, and his fists in the couple’s Ormond Beach home, the state of Florida has dropped its domestic battery charge against the gay-for-pay porn star and convicted felon. (“Nolle Prosse,” as seen below, essentially means “will not prosecute.”)


In what was likely a plea deal, Young admitted to violating probation in connection with separate charges on a separate case that the state had planned on prosecuting concurrently. But instead of prosecuting him on those charges—leaving the scene of an accident, property damage, reckless driving—the state allowed Young to simply admit to violating probation. His sentence for violating probation is just three months and three weeks of more probation.


Sebastian Young celebrated his good fortune yesterday by alerting Str8UpGayPorn that he had “beat” his charges:


Young’s wife, meanwhile, was hoping that 2016 would be a better year for her:


This is at least the third time that Young has evaded prosecution in Florida after being arrested and charged with beating the mother of his children. In 2008, Young was convicted of assaulting an elderly person and served two years in prison. Over the past decade, he’s been arrested at least 14 times on multiple drug, DUI, reckless driving, probation violation, burglary, property damage, and assault charges.


  • Todd
    • Andre Leneal

      He’s affluent? I think he’s just a White Guy in a State that supports Whiteness and Patriarchy.

      • Todd

        I was joking because all he got was probation.

  • The gay green lartern

    I wonder if Jarec Wentworth would have gotten the same sentence had his extortion case happened in FL….just wondering….

    • Zachary Sire

      It would’ve been exponentially worse than what he got, considering Don Burns’ money and ties to the state.

      • sxg

        Then it’s a damn shame it all happened in California! lol

  • Donald Horn

    He has a smoking bod. I liked him in his younger days.

  • Norminah

    Nice to see white privilege alive and well…

    • LinkinVumen

      That’s not white privilege, people of colour get off too. I know from personal experience someone who did attempted murder and domestic violence get out the same day and only get probation. It happens more often than not. Sebastian isn’t any special, blame the system not the white guy who beats his wife.

      • Norminah

        Oh, I blame both, the entire justice system is corrupt. But you can not and will not convince me that if a Black/Latino man had the same violent and long criminal history as Sebastian Young that he would only serve 3 months probation after it was all said and done with, not when someone like Tyce Jax can’t even make bail for a similar crime. But you’re right though, Sebastian Young isn’t anything special.

        • sxg

          Tyce Jax was arrested in Georgia, not Florida. Sure the states may border each other, but we don’t hear this type of crazy shit from Georgia like we do Florida!

          • McM.

            It happens in Georgia too. We don’t hear much about it b/c all the fucked-up things are so normalized that people within the state aren’t going to react to it in the same way.

            What makes Florida different is it has a split identity, culturally, politically, etc.. Florida is a “southern” state, but there are prominent sections along the coasts and the south with large immigrant populations where there’s a shift in attitudes and social values. When we hear “look at the shit that’s happening in Florida!”, the story is likely being headed by someone from one side observing those on the other, whose actions they don’t quite understand.

            Other places you’ll see this Virginia where central and southern Virginians have little in common with northern Virginians who blend with the people of the district and S.Maryland, and I’ve also noticed it Ontario Canada. The people of Toronto and surrounding areas in southern Ontario are very nice and welcoming, but once you get them started they will talk absolute shit about people in the north. (Apparently, there are Canadian hillbillies.)

        • Pearl Clutcher

          I see this happen for non-white defendants charged w/domestic battery. If the complainant refuses to testify at trial the prosecution often declines to prosecute – despite the nature of the original allegation(s). So maybe that happened here – maybe SY’s wife wasn’t going to testify at his trial and that’s why the prosecution chose not to prosecute. Or maybe the prosecution had some other proof problem(s). It happens fairly often.

  • Stacy

    If only Steve Avery had been in Florida and not Wisconsin!

  • Xzamilloh

    What’s with the drag queen Chola brows in the first and second pics? If anything, his mugshots also serve as an evolution of those brows.

    But, seriously, the only way this will end is bad… really bad. Like somebody dies bad.

  • Trepakprince

    That face is more worn out than the hands of the Chinese boy who made my iPad.

    • beariac

      Meth is a hell of a drug. Anyone who buys videos from this piece of shit is an enabler.

  • sxg
  • Cubankid

    Three months of probation for beating his wife???

    • R.A.M.J

      allegedly, beating his wife.

      • Cubankid

        He has enough mug shots to start a collage, I believe he did it.

        • R.A.M.J

          if she’s crazy enough to keep going back, then I don’t have that much sympathy. Honestly I think they have the type of marriage where they just beat the hell out of each other and sometimes she gets pissed and calls the police.

          • Maximus


            Excuse you. That’s the type of sexist, permissive, fucked up, bullshit attitude that informs this type of justice masquerading as prosecutorial discretion.

            It is 2016, and the United States is an industrialized liberal democracy. A violent act committed by a sane, competent adult for reasons other than the immediate defense of self or others is inexcusable.

          • R.A.M.J

            How do you know it wan not or never was an act of self defense?

          • Maximus

            (1) Self-defense doesn’t require beating a person to the point of unconsciousness. (2) He was high amphetamines, but she wasn’t. (3) He has never filed a complaint against her nor alleged self-defense. (4) He has been arrested for beating her on multiple occasions. (5) While spousal abuse of males at the hands of females is underreported, it is less common given females’ tendency to display relational aggression instead of overt aggression.

            This is blatant wife beating. You’re making up excuses that aren’t even hinted at by the defendant or his lawyers. The fact that you are so quick to justify this type of behavior is disgusting. You need to go sit on a mountain and reflect upon your values, because they’re out of sync with decent, civilized society.

          • R.A.M.J

            never justified it, I think they are both fucking nuts. In all honesty I would love to go live on a mountain just to escape the bullshit thats down here.

  • TheSagaOf

    Classy as/f

  • DPS

    Of course he uses the term BEAT his charges. HA!

  • john

    • sxg

      Ugh, I can’t help but find that pic so hot, seeing his white-trash bubbly ass devouring a dick.

      • OverKill

        It would be better if that ass knows how to take dick. When he bottoms, something is always missing, it seems the top has to go really slow. If he’s gonna continue to bottom pair him up with Rogan Richards, Damien Crosse, Dirk Jager, Cliff Jensen (I know he’s in jail now), D.O., Tim Kruger, Race Cooper, Tyler Saint, Austin Wilde (even though Young said he wouldn’t work with Austin), etc. You know a top that would actually give that bubble ass the attention it needs.

        • sxg

          lol Dirk Jager??? He was hot, but my god he was a boring top! He thrusted so lazily in and out of an ass it was almost Leo Giamani-like!

          • OverKill

            Did you see Dirk w/Max Schutler, Dean Flynn, or Alexy Tyler? I didn’t think he was bad in those scenes.

          • sxg

            I’ve seen him in his Titan scenes and possibly elsewhere, so probably have seen him with them. His performance has never struck me as exciting, and it couldn’t have been Titan because he was around when Titan was still producing top-quality stuff.

    • Okosan

      Nice meme.

  • OverKill
  • HoratioCaine

    place your bets on how fast he fucks up his probation.

  • andrew

    If they don’t give people prison time because it’s too expensive and the prisons are already over crowded, they should give convicted criminals serious community service and probation instead of just probation.

    • McM.

      In most cases it can be more expensive to NOT send someone to jail/prison. Florida’s penitentiary system is highly privatized, and guarantee of capacity is built into contracts. When a certain capacity is not maintained, the state is required to pay the corporations involved for their “losses”.

  • Pearl Clutcher

    Eh. I see these kinds of resolutions pretty routinely in a jurisdiction way outside Florida. No big deal.

  • Maximus

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! This country’s criminal justice system has some seriously fucked up priorities, and the degree of white male privilege is just revolting.

  • Zealot

    Let’s have a caption that defiant Sebastian Young mug shot contest!!! YAY.

    I beat that rap, like I beat my __________________, BITCH!

  • WhimsyCotton

    I wasn’t expecting Florida to deliver this quickly when I made that New Years comment! Shame on me for underestimating it.

  • Myko

    Watch out Zach.. he is coming for you :-(

  • My guess is this tard celebrated his “win” by begging for more coin on the internet to fund his drug habit.

    To the guys that STILL find this prick attractive:-

  • Dazzer


    Well it’s Florida, I guess.

    To be pedantic, Zach, he’s been convicted so you don’t need ‘alledgedly’ in the headline. However, you do need the word ‘cunt’ in describing him – even if the rules of English grammar state that it is silent in pronounciation.

  • Marsha Lewis

    gay for pay my ass.

  • Corbin Fishing

    “I beat my charges just like I beat my wife. What do you have to say about that BITCH?”