Security Escorts MAGA Bimbo Lauren Boebert Out Of Beetlejuice Show In Denver Due To Vaping, Taking Photographs, And Yelling

Posted September 13, 2023 by with 9 comments

Lauren Boebert being an obnoxious white trash bimbo whore is of course no surprise. What is somewhat shocking is that she attended a theater production of moderate artistic value. I thought her idea of entertainment was limited to maybe the WWE or an episode of Cops.

A local news report on Boebert and some guy she’s fucking being escorted out of Denver’s Buell Theater by security:

And in the extended security video down below, Boebert—with her fake tits bursting out of her cheap hooker dress—can be seen giving a middle finger to the security guard who was taking her out of the building. Klassy to the very end:

The full surveillance video of Lauren Boebert being removed from the theater:

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