Sex Doll Mistaken For Dead Human Body Found In Pennsylvania Creek

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[image of Johnny Rapid, who is not the sex doll featured in this story, via]

In our current economy, why would someone throw away a perfectly good sex doll? Via WJAC:

According to Tunkhannock Township Police, a father and child were retrieving a ball from the creek when they discovered a black plastic bag with what appeared to be a human foot sticking out of it.

Responding officers and the County Coroner observed the bag and foot without disturbing it. The item was “extremely lifelike” and the decision was made to call the Pennsylvania State Police to document the bag and then open it.

After all the necessary steps were taken, it was determined that the item was not human, but a “lifelike silicone item used for self-gratification.”


This is a really big deal in Wyoming County, PA, and here are some quotes from local officials, beginning with the county’s district attorney:

What should have been an enjoyable walk on a Sunday afternoon along a stream turned traumatic, especially to the child, who saw a portion of a thigh protruding from a green trash bag in the water, and a foot of what appeared to be a 4-6-year-old child hanging out of the other corner of the bag. After the scene was cleared, I visited the child and the child’s parents. While this young person is aware that what the child saw was not real remains, and though this young person is bright and resilient and fortunate to have two nurturing parents, the trauma of that sight may impact this child for years to come.

Tunkhannock Township Chief Ed Morristell:

What was actually recovered was a lifelike silicone item used for self-gratification. It was the size of a small child, weighed approximately 50 pounds, and was anatomically correct. The foot we were able to observe protruding through the bag was extremely detailed all the way down to the french manicure.

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