Sexy At 70! Johnny Rapid Celebrates MAJOR Bottoming Milestone

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It might be hard to believe, but today’s release of “Daddy’s Club 3” on is Johnny Rapid’s 78th scene as a exclusive, and even more monumentally, it’s his 70th scene as a powerbottom—which technically makes Johnny Rapid a PLATINUM POWERBOTTOM. Congratulations, Johnny!

Of Johnny’s 78 scenes, he’s topped in just seven and appeared in a non-sexual role in one, meaning he’s had a total of 70 different cocks inside his asshole in just two years! Actually, given all the scenes in which Johnny Rapid was DP’d by two cocks and/or fucked with a night stick and/or DP’d by one cock and one night stick, the number of inanimate objects and cocks that have been inside his asshole is probably closer to 85 or 90, but who can really say for sure? Let’s just say, there have been so many cocks! And night sticks.

To celebrate Johnny Rapid’s platinum anniversary as a 70-time bottom, let’s take a look at some of his best bottoming moments since his debut in November, 2011:

0-Johnny-Rapid-Rafael-Alencar-06While not his first scene, this is where things really took off for Johnny. Everyone will remember exactly where they were the first time they heard about Johnny Rapid getting fucked in a prison shower.

Johnny-Rapid-Rafael-Alencar-11-15-11-332Who could forget that other time Johnny Rapid was in the prison shower and got penetrated by a night stick?

prison-shower-2-johnny-rapid-sebastian-young-jack-king-drill-my-hole-photo-18Who could forget that other time Johnny Rapid was in the prison shower and got double-penetrated by Sebastian Young and Jack King?

Charlie-Harding-Colby-Jansen-Jimmy-Johnson-Fuck-Johnny-Rapid-Orgy-Prison-Shower-3Who could forget that other time Johnny Rapid was in the prison shower and got double-penetrated by a night stick and Charlie Harding’s cock?

GayBoat-181-1024x682Johnny Rapid getting fucked on a boat brought some much needed attention to the nautical erotica genre.

ReturnOfTheNightStickDMH-13Who could forget that other time Johnny Rapid got fucked by a night stick.

Johnny-Rapid-Gets-Double-Penetrated-By-Landon-Conard-and-Cooper-Reed-Prison-Shower-4-Gay-Porn-XXXWho could forget that other time Johnny Rapid got double-penetrated in a prison shower?

men__jizzorgy_football_fuckdown_part_3_colby_jansen,_duncan_black,_johnny_rapid,_rod_daily_and_ryan_rockfordWho could forget that time Johnny Rapid got double-penetrated in a locker room?

winning-ball-blaze-rafael-alencar-johnny-rapid-leo-forte-brad-foxx-jizz-orgy-photo-17Who could forget that other time Johnny Rapid got double-penetrated in a locker room.

Johnny-Rapid-Jizz-Orgy-Winning-Ball-gangbang-orgy-group-sex-with-Blaze-Rafael-Alencar-Leo-Forte-and-Brad-Foxx-9Who could forget that face!

ThePledgesJO15-1024x680Getting fucked in a kiddie pool in front of a blue tarp had to have been a career highlight for Johnny Rapid.

Congratulations, and here’s to your next 70 bottoming scenes, Johnny Rapid!

Watch all 70 of Johnny Rapid’s bottoming scenes on

[ “Daddy’s Club 3″—John Magnum Fucks Johnny Rapid]


  • Cosmic

    Has he ever done a scene where he isn’t pretending to be raped?It’s going to be awkward for him to explain to his proctologist how a straight guy ended up with a blown out sphincter.

  • Lovely

    Zach I am so in love with your site. Every post has me just dying. His poor kids are gonna get picked on so bad.

    • GN

      Here Here! Thanks to Denz @ Menofporn for letting me know that Zach had branched off from TheSword, and done his own thing…

  • Bull

    He was such a pretty little thing when he started. But I swear I think you can see his smile now through his ass hole.

  • GN

    If Johnny did bareback, I think I would explode with glee….I say, send that boy to CorbinFisher and let his A-listers pass him around like a bong at a frat party.

    • sexnando

      wish granted

  • James Withers

    Wasn’t this also the first time Mr. Johnny kissed a guy on screen. Is it wrong to get turned on by that?

  • Estelle

    The comments about him on The Dirty may go a long way in understanding his love of rape, or to paraphrase Whoopi “rape, rape”. If what was written was true, his life is a blend of Deliverance, Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, a dash of John Waters, with a sprinkle of and a big helping of just about every gay porn scenario ever put on film.

    • Dean

      I LOVE Mmmmm freaky!

  • C A

    I wouldn’t say 70 different cocks. Sebastian has been in him a few times, also, Jack King, The Russo Twins,Colby Jansen,etc,etc.

  • Todd

    So, at $ 500 a scene, Johnny Rapid has made a whopping $ 35K to support his family. Well done, Johnny,