Shanghai Residents Heard Screaming And Crying From Windows While Under COVID Lockdown

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Shanghai, a city of 26 million people, has been fully locked down since last month as part of China’s “dynamic zero” COVID policy. In addition to the mental and emotional toll this is obviously having on people, millions are reportedly running out of food, too. This has led to protests (an extreme and shocking rarity in China) at food distribution locations, as seen here:

Via MSN:

Shanghai reported 25,000 Covid-19 infections on Sunday, another highest daily peak in the worst Covid outbreak in China in two years. In order to stop the spread of the disease, the city has been placed under the strict “dynamic zero” Covid strategy .

Under zero Covid, all 26 million inhabitants of Shanghai underwent mass testing. Anyone infected must be taken from their homes and quarantined. All close contacts of the infected are also taken away and isolated. The rest have been barred from leaving their homes or apartment buildings.

Plans called for four-day closures of districts while residents were tested. That changed to an indefinite citywide shutdown after case numbers soared. Many residents in Shanghai have struggled to arrange for food deliveries to their homes during the lockdown.

[MSN: Shanghai locals scream from windows, protest as city faces food shortage amid Covid-19 spike]

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