Sheriff’s Office Releases Names And Photos Of All 31 White Supremacists Who Planned On Attacking Pride Event In Idaho

Posted June 12, 2022 by with 28 comments

All 31 of the Patriot Front white supremacists bonded out of jail this afternoon, after their failed terror attack yesterday. Thankfully, the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office has released all of their names and mug shots, so everyone will be able to identify each one of these freaks in their respective hometowns.

Between the methed out eyeballs, the hillbilly haircuts, and the overall inbred neo-Nazi demon aesthetic, I feel like I’m looking at a casting sheet for a Wrong Turn/Treasure Island crossover event. Please proceed with caution as you scroll through this cornucopia of white trash Amerikkkana:

Alexander Sisenstein

Branden Haney

Cameron Pruitt

Colton Brown 

Connor Moran

Conor Ryan

Dakota Tabler

Derek Smith

Devin Center

Dylan Corio

Forrest Rankin

Garret Garland

Graham Whitsom

James Johnson

James Michael Johnson

Jared Boyce

Josiah Buster

Justin Oleary

Kieran Morris

Lawrence Norman

Mishael Buster (note: Mishael Buster is presumably a relative—perhaps spawned by incest, judging by that face—of Josiah Buster, as seen a few photos up)

Mitchell Wagner

Nathan Brenner

Nathaniel Whitfield

Richard Jessop

Robert Whitted

Spencer Simpson (note: OK, he’s the only one who doesn’t quite look like he belongs, but I suppose it’s always the pretty ones serving Precious Moments realness who are the most evil)

Steven Tucker

Wesley Van Horn

Winston Durham

Thomas Rosseau

Note that the one above, Thomas Rosseau, is the founder of the group (the creepiest and ugliest motherfucker of them all, of course), per the Spokesman

Patriot Front is a white nationalist group with branches across the country that specializes in vandalism, racist propaganda, and “flash demonstrations” meant to intimidate minorities, according to a report from the Anti-Defamation League.

Thomas R. Rousseau, the group’s founder, was among those arrested. Also arrested were Kieran P. Morris, Garret J. Garland and Mitchell F. Wagner, all of whom were documented by the Southern Poverty Law Center and activist groups as active members of hate groups, according to an April report by the center.