Silk Confirms That Diamond Was NOT Vaxxed, But Says She Was Murdered By Vaccine Shedding

Posted January 22, 2023 by with 5 comments

For those trying to make sense of Silk’s eulogy for her sister Diamond yesterday—in which the Trump supporter said her dead bimbo sister was killed by the vaccine, even though Diamond was an anti-vaxxer who never got the shot—we now have some clarification. As Silk states in the tweet and clip below (I hadn’t seen this portion of the funeral until today—my apologies for not viewing her entire eulogy!), Diamond was actually killed due to vaccine shedding, perhaps the most ludicrous conspiracy theory of all time among anti-vaxxers, since none of the COVID vaccines are live-virus vaccines, which means it’s impossible to “shed” them. Of course, reality has never gotten in the way of Diamond and Silk.

Putting aside the fact that Diamond was hospitalized and severely ill with COVID since November (death after a two-month illness is “sudden”!), by Silk’s logic, wouldn’t this mean that she’s been exposed to the vaccine, too? And doesn’t this mean that she too could drop dead “suddenly”? Fingers crossed…

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