Sneak Peek: CockyBoys And Bruce LaBruce Collaboration Featuring François Sagat, Levi Karter, And More

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unnamed1For several weeks, director Bruce LaBruce and CockyBoys have been collaborating on an anthology of four short films (last month they were in Madrid, and they’re in Berlin shooting right now) featuring probably the most star-studded cast assembled in years: François Sagat, Levi Karter, Colby Keller, Allen King, Calvin Banks, Sean Ford, Arad Winwin, and Dato Foland. This is a sneak peek at some of the production, with photos from Madrid and Berlin, and the press release just sent out by CockyBoys.

Sean Ford:


François Sagat, Dato Foland, Bruce LaBruce, Levi Karter, Arad Winwin:


Sean, Colby Keller, and Allen King:

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Colby and Calvin Banks:

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Sean, Allen, and Calvin:

unnamed7unnamedd unnamedffVia CockyBoys:

New York, NY- CockyBoys is thrilled to announce a one-of-kind collaboration with iconic writer and filmmaker Bruce LaBruce, who has built a career exploring themes of sexual and interpersonal transgression against cultural norms. He’s known for frequently blending the artistic and production techniques of independent film with gay pornography not unlike that of CockyBoys’ owner and acclaimed director Jake Jaxson. This short film anthology is LaBruce’s first adult project since LA Zombie over 7 years ago.

The first two films were shot on location in Madrid, and the final two are being completed now in Berlin. The first two shorts will premiere only on CockyBoys the last week in October, with the final two short films being released before Christmas.

Bruce LaBruce says, “I’ve always been intrigued by the CockyBoys brand, and as I like to keep my hand in the porn biz, I met with Jake and the boys in the spring in New York to discuss a collaboration. Jake is always open to new ideas, so I proposed a kind of omnibus film, a package of four short films with interrelated themes. Things move fast in the porn world, so we shot the first two films in Madrid in early June, and now two more in Berlin in July. We flew in some of my very favorite CockyBoys, including Colby Keller, whom I had been eager to work with for some time. The concept includes more high-end production values than are usually found in porn, with an emphasis on characters and narrative. The resulting four films—Diablo in Madrid, Uber Menschen, The Purple Army Faction, and Fleapit—represent an attempt to return to more classical forms of porn storytelling.


  • Us: ‘Porn parodying Trump supporting bastards is sick!’

    Also us: ‘Porn starring Trump supporting bastards is hot!’

    • nerfherder1989

      Nah I’ll pass on that piece of shit. Ever since cocky boys kept hiring him I stopped renewing my subscription and watching their stuff. I know I’m one in a few people who’s stopped watching it but I’d rather spend my money elsewhere.

  • sxg

    I hope that Francois is doing his scene with Dato only because none of the others are worthy of pleasuring his beautiful mounds!
    I especially don’t want super sloppy, fashion-thirsty Colby Keller anywhere near him either!

    • McM.

      I like to see a performer comment on how much they like Francois Sagat’s ass and skills as a bottom, and then Armond Rizzo finding offense that someone is appreciating an ass that is not his own.

  • Pertinax

    L.O.L. Shit ! CockBoys, Bruce LaBruce, Colby Keller, François Sagat and all pretencious gang reunited and trying hard to turn the old, dirty and good gay porn/prostitution into something like an artistic manifest or a doctoral thesis about ‘ the meaning of life, its origins, and all that had, has and will have in the universe… ‘ by means of fuckery and trying to pass porn as a new ” ism ” : ‘ whorism ‘ ( like in that sick shit ” Colby Does America ” … ) I can’t with these ‘ artsy fag – putas ‘ … Even if Keller and Sagat still remain handsome and desirable.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      ” I can’t with these ‘ artsy- faggot – putas ‘:

      is there a missing word?

    • Neil

      Bruce LaBruce has been making dirty films for like 30 years and there’s never been a single frame of artsy pretension in any of his work. In fact it’s the opposite — real, and yet still unreal depictions of the sex underworld, which is just Bruce’s normal world (see No Skin Off My Ass or Super 8 1/2 to see what I mean). I get what you are saying in terms of Cockyboys and their port-fart attempts at transcendence, but Bruce may actually show ’em a thing or too, and I am very curious to see what he comes up with.

      • Pertinax

        Bruce LaBruce has half ass in legit counterculture, indie film, etc… ( I don’t know. You name it) and half ass in the basement of the underworld, in the edge of the society, in the gay underground that only makes him a pariah, a professional goddamn crazy. I don’t like his work but I agree with you and believe he’s true and not a con artist. What belittles him is to be associated with this ‘ entourage ‘ : All of them whoring themselves for the money and believing they are artists or trying to pass porn/prostitution ( fuckery for money ) as ‘avant garde’ art. They should be taking turns to kiss LaBruce’s ass all time long … The site of the Spanish newspaper El País published an interview with him in the last : June 30th ( Maybe when this shit was filmed. ) called ” Bruce LaBruce : El colectivo gay ha sido absorvido por el conservadurismo ” that presents him very well.

        • Neil

          Thanks so much for the reference to the interview, Pertinax. It was great. I read a Google Translated version of the interview, so I may have been slightly off in my reading, but here are five thoughts:

          1. Love this from Bruce: “,,,in the end everything is based on being kind and taking care of your own orgasm. If everyone worried about their pleasure there would be much more peace.”
          2. The fact that he mentions Erika Lust. I watch all of her films and find many of them hot and exciting, many decidedly not, and find it hilariously lovely that she also makes hipster porn. I would love for Zach to find a way to expand Str8Up to include porn like this, even with all its pussy.
          3. That he makes films about true outsiders, those who embrace, or simply ARE, taboo, and he mentions pederasts as the last frontier that he still finds difficult to talk about.
          4. “There is an army of people waiting to say, ‘Look, he finally got older and sat down.’ It is ridiculous to ascribe a thought or behavior according to age. Many artists became radicalized over the years, such as Pasolini. I feel like I’m in the middle of my career.” lol. I can’t wait.
          5. I want to go to whatever the Google Translated version of the “Princesas and Darthvaders festival” is.

          And one other thing: you seem to indict, or have a judgy attitude about prostitutes, or sex workers. I can’t imagine why. Sex workers, or more diplomatically speaking, whores, are my heroes. It’s the world’s oldest profession. If someone can make a buck being a whore, and there’s a porn company makin films helping to market their wares, why not? and who cares? and brilliant.

          • Pertinax

            I’m glad, you liked it. On January 24, 2017 in this site, in a post called Bruce Backham Exclusive : How To Be Gay Porn’s Comeback King In 2017, I commented about prostitution and told about what’s ‘my problem’ with it. There are four or five posts where I stated my opinion about this issue. If you want to know, please, I invite you to read them.

          • Neil

            Thanks, I will.

          • Neil

            Thanks, I did.

  • Tellingthetruth

    Bravo! Amazing to see Sagat on CockyBoys! Sean Ford and the rest of the cast have never looked better to me.

  • Xzamilloh

    Wow, I’ve never been exhausted looking at pictures before. This is a first

  • Zealot

    Anna!? Breaking News, poodle. The color this season……AUBERGINE! If Bruce LaBruce puts it in porn…well, it’s just going to be all that anyone talks about until you-know-who’s thing regarding you-know-what hits the press. Think, shortie camouflage pattern uniforms with berets, think zip front 70’s style running togs…YES. You’ve nailed it. Corner the market and prepare the press releases. Not wearing aubergine? Be gone! What? Yes, hang it all…my sciatica is miserable this summer. I’m doing a coffee cleanse which is making me feel jumpy, so I need to make a run to the biffy. No, Anna…BIFFY, not STIFFY! I let Iago go, remember!? HA, HA, HA…you kill me you little darling piece of divinity! Ta-ta-tee!

  • Dreadmau5

    Bruce LaBruce?! And to think I watched ‘Sugar’ yesterday….

  • Al

    It’s cool if they want to try different things to keep their fucking each other interesting. I’ll still get off the same regardless if they try to create a story or not. It’s porn nothing more nothing less.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    As long as the lighting on the fucking is good, It might be pretty good

  • FieldMedic

    If Arad Loselose is topping again then no thanks!

  • Hari Kalyan

    “The resulting four films…represent an attempt to return to more classical forms of porn storytelling.” … So.. bareback?

  • Adam

    This might be good. Part of the reason those old Colt Studios movies are so hot was the barest hint of a story and a lot of great vintage porn played out similar to those Warhol movies such as “Flesh” and “Heat”. They just need to be careful to strike the right balance and avoid being too pretentious. Often the thing that separates a hot scene from a flaccid one is having great camera work and enthusiastic performers, not elaborate setups or artsy pretenses.

  • peter

    With the arrival of Ezra, Alex and Keith are saying “Sean who?”

  • WhimsyCotton

    It’s almost like I can’t say anything without it going sour. I mention my dislike of Cockyboys and enjoyment of Bruce LaBruce’s Raspberry Reich, and a few weeks later, this

    Maybe I’ll check it out for Bruce, Francois, Dato, and Calvin.

  • Mike Julius

    Yes to Allen King, François Sagat, Calvin Banks, and Arad Winwin. The rest you can absolutely keep.

  • PaulieP

    did Bruce have dental surgery in the pics above.,or is that his signature pose?. Hand to cover mouth….

  • Maximus

    What the fuck are the models wearing in that first photo?! Ugh! How has an EU regulatory body not banned the sale and use of that fabric for being a human health hazard?!

  • nick

    yes to mr Sagat’s thighs
    and double yes to Mr Sagat and Mr Winwin, I would die.

  • Scrapple

    Considering the title and the purple fatigues I’m assuming this is the gay answer to The Red Army Faction. Or perhaps the title is misleading and this is really an homage to Prince, Eggplant Friday or Miss Celie. I’m laughing at that Karen Black shirt because someone posted a Trilogy of Terror reference a few days ago. Is Colby playing an older version of Calvin who is trying to warn his younger self not to make terrible life choices? Will that be the plot of “Fleapit?”

  • Darrell

    As long as we get an intensely hot, erotically charged, sensual scene between Francois and Dato color me happy!!!

  • Ricky

    Oh not another “international”, colorless production from Cocky Boys. Why didn’t they call Diesel Washington?

  • rafaeljock

    Well Arad winwin should make a bottoming debut. It would be great if he does a flipflop with Dato foland

  • rafaeljock

    Arad’s Bottoming debut will be a blockbuster