SNL Actress Victoria Jackson Speaks Out Against Gays During Tennessee City Council Meeting: “God Hates Homosexuality!”

Posted April 13, 2023 by with 13 comments

In case you were wondering what deranged anti-gay conservative Christian “actress” Victoria Jackson has been up to lately, she’s attending city council meetings to protest gay pride parades, as seen above.

ICYMI, Victoria Jackson has long been completely out of her mind. Over 12 years ago, she was on cable news freaking out over a gay kiss on Fox’s TV show Glee. To be fair, Glee was one of the absolute worst things to ever air on broadcast television, but a gay kiss was the least of its problems. Also, it’s funny to see another “culture war” issue over gays from so long ago, and it’s a good reminder that the bible-thumping lunatics of 2011 are no different than the bible-thumping lunatics of 2023, spouting the same hateful and psychotic nonsense over and over again:

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