Social Media “Influencer” Arrested For Inciting Riot In NYC

Posted August 5, 2023 by with 11 comments

I’ve always said that “influencers” are the most meaningless and worthless people on the face of the earth, but as it turns out, I might’ve been wrong. This one was able to provoke a riot with thousands of zombie teens that led to hundreds of injuries and arrests yesterday. Report via ABC:

All over some video games and a YouTuber.

That YouTuber/Twitch streamer was in fact arrested and charged with inciting a riot, as this report from Fox5 explains:

The riot reminds me of that scene in Israel from World War Z:

I used to think we might be living in this kind of chaos in 50 years or so, but this is pretty much the way things are right now. From the MAGAs on Jan. 6 to the Union Square teens, we are a nation of brain dead mobs.