Soon-To-Be Convicted Felon George Santos Files Appeal To Hide Identities Of People Who Paid His Bail

Posted June 10, 2023 by with 7 comments

Via NPR:

The public will have to wait at least a little longer to learn who backed the half-million-dollar bond that got Rep. George Santos out of jail.

Santos’ attorney filed an appeal Friday arguing that if the people who co-signed the $500,000 bond are identified it could put them at risk of “attacks and harassment.”

At the time of the May 10 court hearing on Long Island, three different parties — known in legal parlance as “suretors” — co-signed the bond. But who his backers are remains a mystery.


Earlier this week, a federal magistrate judge granted media outlets’ requests to unseal the names, but the judge gave Santos until Friday to appeal the ruling, so this is obviously not a surprise. A district judge has not yet ruled on Santos’ appeal, so everything is on hold for now. As you’ll recall, Santos was arrested last month and is facing 13 felony counts including wire fraud and money laundering. If convicted, he could be sentenced to at least 40 years in prison, and we hopefully won’t have to ever hear about him again.

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