Southern California Couple Robbed At Gunpoint By Latin Twinks While Trying To Sell iPad

Posted January 3, 2024 by with 2 comments

People willing to risk their lives and commit murder for an iPad? Welcome to 2024. There are a lot of things about this story that feel off, as seen in the video below, but here are just a few of them: Someone who’s well off enough to own a Tesla (which is how the robbery was recorded, via the car’s cameras) needs extra cash so bad, they’re selling an old iPad on the internet? Both of the robbers look 14 years old?! Why do the husband and wife both have green hair?? It’s giving Tumblr Seapunk vibes circa 2012. And why doesn’t the woman look scared while there’s a gun pointed at her husband’s head? She seems so chill and disinterested, but then it was cool to see her jumping in and defending her hubby. All that said, glad they’re both OK, via ABC7: