Dutch Court Bans Sperm Donor Who Fathered 550 Children

Posted April 28, 2023 by with 7 comments

When you think about it, this is truly insane. With over 550 people in the same region being half siblings, there’s bound to be some accidental incest at some point. The sperm donor is obviously mentally ill with a sick God complex, and while they have to keep his identity secret to protect all the kids, I feel like all prospective parents should know exactly who he is so he can’t impregnate anyone else. Given how he lied to hundreds of people already, you know he’s going to keep trying to donate, despite the ban. Via AP:

A Dutch court on Friday banned a man from donating any more of his sperm after he fathered at least 550 children in the Netherlands and other countries and misled prospective parents about the number of offspring he helped to conceive.

The donor, identified as Jonathan M. under Dutch privacy guidelines, provided sperm to several Dutch fertility clinics and to a clinic in Denmark as well as to many other people he connected with through advertisements and online forums, the court said in its written judgment.


Full story at the link. The man will be fined $110,000 per sperm donation if he violates the ban.

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