Sperm Donor Who Fathered 550 Children Taken To Court Over Fears Of “Accidental Incest”

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[gif via FamilyDick, which may or may not be doing a gay porn parody of the sperm donor story below]

Via Express:

A serial sperm donor who has fathered 550 children is being taken to court and sued over accusations his frequent donations are increasing the threat of accidental incest. Jonathan Jacob Meijer is having action taken against him by the Netherlands’ Donorkind Foundation to stop the 41-year-old from The Hague to stop him donating sperm, according to the Daily Telegraph. The foundation is also accusing him of lying about the number of children he has fathered.

Donors must only donate a maximum of 25 children or to a dozen women to stop the possibility of inbreeding, incest or psychological problems for donor children, according to Dutch sperm clinic guidelines.


More details at the link. The sperm bank is hoping to ban the serial nut buster from donating more cum, and they also want a list of all the clinics to which he’s donated.