Sperm Donor Who Lied About Genetic Condition That Causes Learning Disabilities Fathers 15 Children

Posted May 31, 2022 by with 5 comments

A group of lesbians are hoping to prevent the father who hid a genetic condition that causes low IQ and learning disabilities from seeing his kids. Via DailyMail:

A sperm donor who offered his services via social media fathered fifteen children to lesbian women without telling them about his inheritable condition, a court today heard.

James MacDougall, 37, went ahead with private sperm donations despite knowing that he suffered from Fragile X syndrome.

The genetic condition, which is inheritable, leads to low IQ and developmental delay and cannot be cured.

Mr MacDougall’s donations were today revealed as part of a Family Court battle in which he had hoped would result in him having access to four of the children he had fathered.

Despite originally signing an agreement saying he did not want any contact with some of the children, MacDougall applied to the courts for parental responsibility orders, and child arrangements orders, allowing him to spend time with four of his children.

Three mothers opposed Mr MacDougall’s response. Now a judge, Mrs Justice Lieven, sitting at Derby, has ruled that he should not have parental responsibility for the children, because it would cause harm to them.


More details at the link, including how the sperm donor has been involved with various mothers. The judge has ordered that he stop fathering children, and the case is ongoing. This is the sperm donor:

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