St. Louis Cop Driving Recklessly Crashes SUV Into Gay Bar, Then Arrests Bar Owner!

Posted December 23, 2023 by with 8 comments

Typical illegal behavior from yet another worthless, out-of-control cop. Via NBC:

The pigs have of course changed their story multiple times. In the above report, they say the crash happened because the cruiser veered “too close to a parked car,” but two days ago, they claimed the officer was “distracted by the police radio.” And yet, on the night of the crash, the cops told the bar owners that they “swerved to avoid hitting a dog.” As if anyone needed more proof that cops are insane pathological liars. If they had run someone over with the SUV, they would’ve just said that the victim jumped in front of them deliberately.

An investigation is underway, but I wouldn’t expect any consequences for whoever crashed the SUV, given that all cops, mayors, and city attorneys protect each other. Here’s more video that was taken just after the crash: