Step Aside, Joe Biden

Posted July 7, 2023 by with 20 comments

A very reasonable and compelling opinion piece in The Atlantic titled “Step Aside, Joe Biden.” If only Biden would take the advice. Excerpt (read in full here):

There is nothing morbid in accepting the fact of aging—indeed, there is something pathetic about those who cannot. Cicero gave excellent guidance in his little book How to Grow Old. “This last act must take place,” he writes, “as surely as the fruits of trees and the earth must someday wither and fall. But a wise person knows this and accepts it with grace. Fighting against nature is as pointless as the battles of the giants against the gods.”

“An actor does not need to remain on stage throughout a play. It is enough that he appears in the appropriate acts.” Joe Biden had the leading role in a crucial act in the grand story of America, and he played it with grace and honor. It is time for him to take a bow, accept the thanks of a grateful nation, and exit to well-deserved applause.

[The Atlantic]

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