Steve Bannon’s Final Interview Before Going To Prison Tomorrow

Posted June 30, 2024 by with 2 comments

After years of delays and failed appeals all the way to the Supreme Court, drunken MAGA pig Steve Bannon goes to prison tomorrow to serve a four-month sentence after being convicted of contempt of Congress. It’s always hilarious to see a big tough guy facing the music, and it’s even funnier to think that this all could’ve been avoided if he had just answered a few stupid questions. Oh, and it’s even funnier when you remember that once Bannon is out of prison in four months, he’ll be on trial again for defrauding people out of millions of dollars in that bogus “build the wall” scam. If he’s smart and wants to be a good MAGA martyr, maybe he can just get himself killed in prison? Fingers crossed! Via NBC:

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