Stormy Daniels Takes The Stand: During Hotel Room Fuckfest, Trump Told Stormy “You Remind Me Of My Daughter”

Posted May 7, 2024 by with 6 comments

Note that there’s a live feed of porn star Stormy Daniels’ testimony in the Trump hush money trial here, and she’s currently being questioned by Trump’s attorney in a contentious cross-examination. This cross-examination (and presumably a redirect from the prosecution) will continue on Thursday as the court is not in session tomorrow.

Here’s a report from earlier today covering Stormy’s testimony when she was questioned by prosecutors, and the MSNBC anchor suggests that she might’ve been “spilling the tea” during some of her testimony, including when she revealed that Trump told her that she reminded him of his daughter. To say America might be barfing right now is an understatement:

More on how Stormy spanked Trump’s ass with a rolled-up magazine here.

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