Study Finds Utah Is State With Most Closet Cases

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[image of Sam Ledger via MormonBoyz]

This tracks, given that Utah is full of psychopathic Mormons. Not to say that every other state isn’t full of religious psychopaths, but Mormons have always given off the most deranged closet case vibes. Via ABC4 Utah via CCI:

Google searches from 2004 to 2023 show that Utah ranks No. 1 in searches for terms like “Am I gay?”, “Am I lesbian?”, and “Am I trans?”

The data was originally pulled by researchers from Cultural Currents Institute from Google Trends and confirmed by ABC4. CCI also pointed out that searches for questions about sexual and gender identity have spiked 1,300% nationwide since 2004.

CCI believes the data shows Utah to be the “most closeted state” in America.

“This might indicate a significant underlying questioning of identity among its internet users, possibly driven by the conflict between personal feelings and societal expectations,” stated CCI’s post.


List of the top 5 states for various searches:

“Am I Gay?”

  1. Utah (100)
  2. Iowa (99)
  3. Indiana (93)
  4. West Virginia (92)
  5. New Hampshire (91)

“Am I lesbian?”

  1. Utah (100)
  2. Connecticut (69)
  3. Kentucky (65)
  4. Washington (64)
  5. Colorado (59)

“Am I trans?”

  1. Utah (100)
  2. Kentucky (97)
  3. Colorado (71)
  4. Michigan (70)
  5. Washington (66)

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