Supreme Court Gives Trump And All U.S. Presidents The Authority To Murder Rivals, Accept Bribes, And Order Coups

Posted July 1, 2024 by with 11 comments

America has been heading down a dark path of self-destruction for about the last 45 years since Ronald Reagan, but it’s been speeding even closer to its demise for the last 15 years, most notably since the 2008 financial crisis and then of course Trump’s election in 2016. Today, we saw one of the final nails in America’s coffin as the Supreme Court ruled that the President of the United States is legally allowed to commit mass murder and overthrow the government, so long as he does it as an “official act” of his presidency. News and discussion on the ruling in the CNN clip above.

And when you have a moment, read this to put an even more hilariously horrifying perspective on how we got to where we are: “The minoritarian power imbalance that gave Trump immunity.”

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