Surgeons Use Electric Grinder To Remove Metal Ring From Man’s Penis

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A man needed to have a ring cut off of his penis using an electric grinder after his ‘experiment’ went wrong.

The unidentified 38-year-old, of Indonesia, went to hospital with ‘severe penile pain’ and swelling.

He confessed to medics that the ring, made of metal, had been stuck on his member for 10 hours.

After being quizzed about his unusual injury, the man also admitted that it got stuck during an ‘experiment with friends’.

Surgeons chose to remove the ring using an electric grinder, which are often relied on to cut through metal.

Doctors were able to pull the ring off after it was broken, releasing the man’s member.

Cutting metal creates heat, so the man’s penis had to be sprayed with ‘continuous saline injection’ to cool it down during the procedure.

Medics also inserted a metal plate between the ring and penile skin to prevent burn or pressure injury.