Taggers Spray Paint Graffiti On Every Single Floor Of Skyscraper In Downtown L.A.

Posted February 1, 2024 by with 3 comments

All that ugly gibberish is such a nonsensical eye sore, I almost feel bad for L.A. residents who have to look at “Crypto.com” every day. Oh, and now there’s also some graffiti that’s been added to a skyscraper next to it. Via KTLA:

So, a 27-story building in downtown L.A. was abandoned by a Chinese company that ran out of money before completion (of course), and they were allowed to just leave it unfinished and empty? And the city hasn’t taken control or done anything about the building for…five years? Makes sense. Because we’re in the early stages of societal collapse, the skyscraper will sit there like this forever, until the upcoming nuclear war obliterates it. Sure, there are thousands of drug addicts and homeless people on the streets in Los Angeles who could be housed and/or rehabilitated there, but I guess it makes more sense to leave a 27-story building completely vacant so gang members can spray paint it. Welcome to L.A., baby!