Taiwanese Man Hospitalized After Ramming Coconut Up Rectum

Posted March 24, 2024 by with 3 comments

Quick reminder: Don’t put things up your ass that you might not be able to get out. From the DailyMail, of course:

A man who shoved a coconut into his bum needed to get it yanked out by surgeons.

The constipated 56-year-old, who wasn’t identified, waited two days before seeking medical attention.

Writing in the British Journal of Surgery, medics claimed that he had been unable to urinate and complained of severe abdominal pain.

Upon examination, scans showed the fruit was lodged in his rectum, compressing his urethra and preventing him from urinating.


Pictures of the coconut—which was only about 4 inches long (smaller than most erect cocks)—at the link. I was wondering why he couldn’t just poop it out, but apparently it became stuck up there, and it had to be extracted via laparotomy, with doctors opening up his abdomen.

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