Tennessee’s Anti-Gay Lt. Governor Leaves Heart Emojis And Compliments On Nearly Naked Twink’s Instagram Thirst Traps

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You can’t make this shit up.

Via Tennessee Holler:

Tennessee is currently leading the nation in anti-LGBTQ hate, with 26 anti-lgbtq bills moving through the legislature. […]

Enter Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, who it turns out has been openly leaving heart emojis and other encouraging comments under very racy pics on the instagram page of a young gay male aspiring performer named Franklyn McClur, who grew up in Knoxville – McNally is from Oak Ridge, but represents parts of Knoxville, where he lives with his wife Janice. They have 2 adult daughters. Mcnally is Roman Catholic.

We were alerted to the pics by an anonymous twitter user who came across them – someone who knew of Franklyn and was entertained by his page. They sent us screen shots and told us where to find them. We were in disbelief.

Sure enough, there they were – and still are, at this writing: Visit Franklyn’s page here under the moniker “@FranklynSuperstar”

[TN Holler]

Much more at the link, including more photos, more heart emojis, and news that the twink and the Lt. Governor have been messaging each other “for years.”

For his part, the anti-gay Lt. Governor issued a statement today and did not deny leaving the comments on the twink’s racy pics. Instead, he simply said that he enjoyed “interacting with his constituents”:

I feel like everyone is going insane.

The TN Holler did a fun interview with the cute twink, which gets started after about 3:15 in the video below: