Texas Christians Sue Federal Government Over HIV Prevention Drugs

Posted September 2, 2022 by with 7 comments

It’s no surprise, but here’s more proof that the religious psychopaths who claim to care so much about protecting “life” really would prefer that everyone who isn’t a Christian just dies. Whether they’re controlling women’s bodies or hoping for dead gays, these are truly some of sickest fucks on earth, via DailyChronicle:

A group of Christians from Texas is suing to knock down many of the Affordable Care Act’s preventive care mandates, specifically targeting HIV drugs.

The federal government last year began requiring most insurance companies to fully cover HIV prevention medication known as PrEP, sold under the brand names Descovy and Truvada. But in a federal lawsuit filed in North Texas, a group who say they oppose homosexuality on religious grounds are suing to change these rules.

Their lawsuit says the federal system for determining which preventive care insurance companies must cover is unconstitutional and argues the plaintiffs, as people of faith, should be able to opt out of coverage for specific medicines like PrEP and contraception.


I guess straight people who use PrEP and contraception are fair game, too. Not surprisingly, the lawyer for the psycho Jesus freaks is Jonathan Mitchell, the same ghoul who wrote the Texas abortion law that allows citizens to sue people who help others get abortions.