Texas Republican Running For Office Rides Oil Well While Nude In Campaign Ad

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A naked lawyer who likes being fucked by oil wells, a garbage dump-loving gospel singer who enjoys poisoning water in exchange for cash, and someone who wants to “protect” energy companies. Sounds like a truly wonderful group of Republicans in Texas. Obviously, none of them will do anything to regulate the oil and gas industry, but on the bright side, at least one of them is already dead. Via KBTX:

One primary race that’s gaining a lot of attention this year is the Texas Railroad Commission. Despite the name, the Railroad Commission hasn’t had anything to do with railroads since 2005. The agency’s primary role is to regulate the energy industry in Texas.

When the state’s power grid failed during last year’s winter freeze, some of that had to do with natural gas infrastructure freezing. The Railroad Commission is responsible for regulating those companies. It oversees all fossil-fuel production and pipelines in Texas.

There are three commissioners elected to staggered six-year terms. Only one seat is up for election this year. That seat belongs to chairman Wayne Christian. Christian is running for re-election. He’s a Grammy-nominated gospel singer turned state representative. The incumbent was recently accused of corruption. In December, he voted to approve a landfill project, overruling his staff’s warning that it was too close to an aquifer. Three days later, he reportedly accepted a $100,000 campaign contribution from the group building that landfill.

Christian faces four Republican challengers in the March primary.

One of the candidates gaining the most attention is Sarah Stogner, an oil and gas attorney. Last week, Stogner posted a now-viral video showing the candidate semi-nude riding a pump jack.

Stogner gained a lot of online support after posting the video, but she also lost the endorsement of the San Antonio Express-News editorial board. That endorsement was switched to Dawayne Tipton from Killeen.

Tom Slocum, Jr. is an engineering consultant who says he will defend the state against liberal democrats and protect our oil and gas industry.

Also on the ballot is Marvin “Sarge” Summers. Unfortunately, Summers died in a car crash earlier this month while campaigning in Midland.

[KBTX: Death, nudity, alleged corruption: Republican primary for Texas Railroad Commission heats up]

Stogner’s video, in which she implies she’s letting the oil well pumpjack fuck her:

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