The Billy Santoro/Diesel Washington Feud Is Heating Up

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bd0For at least the past year, Diesel Washington has been a strong critic of Billy Santoro, his bareback scenes, and his upcoming bareback website, where Santoro is promising to pay other performers $50 for each of their homemade gay porn iPhone videos.

The Diesel/Billy feud escalated today, and it started with this:

bd1Str8UpGayPorn RT’d Billy’s Mariah Carey moment, just in case anyone happened to miss it:

Diesel saw, and he’s not pleased:

bd4Then, it got really good, as Diesel referenced the time that Billy Santoro pooped out a load of cum during a live Periscope meltdown:


Diesel’s probably just getting started, so don’t forget to follow along if you aren’t already.

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  • Ben

    I don’t like both of them. Both are very over dramatic, think very highly of themselves, and acting like 15 year old girls which is funny since both are like what 40 year olds? I don’t care who wins or loses.

    • sxg

      Billy is either at 40 or almost there. Diesel is almost 50 lol

      • Diesel Washington

        Ageist Much??
        Lets not go there,
        Almost 50 and looking great at it..

        • WhimsyCotton

          Isn’t it hypocritical to be offended by ageism when you make fun of other people’s penis size?

          • Diesel Washington

            Yup this is gay porn
            You are spending your money to see average dicks go in average asses…?
            No wonder people complain about the todays porn cause they settle for less…

          • WhimsyCotton

            As long as the dicks are getting the job done and are attached to super hot guys, I don’t have a problem with them being average. I won’t lie about preferring to see a big bubble butt on screen though.

          • Sed

            Sure we all like big dicks but a small dick on a cute bottom is OK with me.

          • Xzamilloh

            LOL… “You are spending your money…”

            Where you been??

          • Diesel Washington

            That is your problem…
            You don’t buy porn, I do buy my porn
            Convo over…

          • Xzamilloh

            No, I buy porn… I just don’t buy YOUR porn or at least I won’t bother to anymore. All the nice comments I’ve left on you, and you choose the joke to reply to… keep ignoring the good things people say and clapping back like a high school girl.

            Convo’s been over, boo boo… bye now.



          • Diesel Washington

            Do you think u hurt my feelings or something? My fans know who I am. And your silly comments I used to be a fan, Or I used to follow you has any impact on Me… My True fans know how to find me…
            Nor would my True fans come on here to trash Me or make a joke at my expense. My fans know my struggles and what I go through.
            So stop it with the fake
            Used to be a fan crap…
            My fans know I don’t play games and I speak up for myself..

          • Xzamilloh

            You’re right… I am being fake. I just bought a few of the vids you were in… I’m not a fan like that. I don’t really care much about you beyond porn, and I never followed you… never even said I did. Okay, buh bye. But, I’ll still beat off to you and Scott Alexander’s scene.

          • Hereweare

            Dick size, age, race…….all three things you’re born with, yet you want to shame one and defend the other two. So you don’t like small dicks in porn….so what? Look at the industry you’re in. There are a lot of guys who don’t want to see black guys in porn. I’m guessing you feel differently about that.

          • Diesel Washington

            I will Penis shame any model doing porn with a tiny dick posing as a top.. This is not Reality this porn.. Gay porn needs Big dicks, bubble butts period
            That is the reality

          • Hereweare


          • DeanD

            When will porn stars realize it’s rarely about the size of the dick, the roundness of the ass, the number of visible ab muscles, the age of the performer or if there’s a condom or not. As consumers we mostly care about the passion of the models on screen and if they’re genuinely into each other and the sex they’re having. I think we’ve all turned many a horny night to an xtube video of some “average looking” people having hot/intimate sex with their “average sized dicks” over the perfect-body super-hung porn star clearly just going through the motions.

            And Diesel, you need to check yourself for shaming dick-size and then complaining about being called out for your advanced age in a youth-orientated business. That’s the porn star calling the prostitute a whore.

          • Hereweare

            Thank you for trying to explain the point in such an eloquent way. Too bad your words are lost to a 12 year old girl.

          • n24rc

            The definition of less is you. You do nothing in porn, except top. Other performers have succession in their work and do things outside of their realm of comfort. You are less known now for your work in porn, than your antics.

          • Diesel Washington

            Oh Shut the fuck up….
            I’m a Top and only that…Geez not bottoming so you people can then complain about something else… I gave up trying to please people..
            You guys will always find something to complain about… Why put my body on the line just so you Creeps can complain
            I could take the hugest dick and someone would complain cause its not raw. Or instead of one top it should have been two. Or the top needed to have bigger dick. Or the Top needed to be more muscular. Its a No win with anything I do. So I will do what I want instead of jumping hoops for a bunch of fans never satisfied

          • n24rc

            “Why put my body on the line just so you Creeps can complain?”

            So just quit the industry then.

          • R.A.M.J

            Hot guy with an average dick is fine with me. I could care less about asses period.

          • Marsha Lewis

            you really is a fucking asshole

          • Diesel Washington

            Not at all….
            Its fucking Penis size this is Gay porn. We are not talking about Reality….We are talking about the world of Gay porn. As a paying consumer I don’t spend my money to see small cock. I can get small dick in the real world anyday.
            I pay for porn to see a Monster cock tear up a tight tiny hole.
            Simple equation Monster cock, tiny tight holes..

          • WhimsyCotton

            Using that logic, movie goers should only expect to see Michael Bay style movies where nothing but expensive, flashy explosions make up the majority of the film since they can see regular dramatic story lines in their every day life.

            I’d rather not watch at all if all I’m going to get is a big dick fucking mechanically with zero chemistry involved.

        • sxg

          Bitch please! I have no goddamn problem with 40+ guys in porn! A list of some old hotties I’ve jerked off to:

          Cole Tucker

          Tyler Saint

          Markus Ram

          Mike Roberts

          Aaron Ridge

          Jesse Jackman & Dirk Caber

          Dallas Steele

          Jim Ferro

          And you.

          Your age relative to your looks isn’t exactly what I was laughing at, it’s the level of immaturity both you and Billy are showing for men your age. In any other industry, both of your attitudes would be pretty fucking sad.

          • Diesel Washington

            But in this Industry
            It does work, look it got you here commenting right…?
            Negative or Positive it still got u here..
            *Drops mic

          • Ben

            No bitch. In this industry. It still makes you a laughing stock. The immaturity you have for someone your age is just sad. Both of you and Billy. Drops mic? lol. I just can’t with your “I’m better than you” mentality. You’re a porn star for a reason.

          • Diesel Washington

            Post a picture of yourself..
            Stop talking out of pictureless gaping asshole mouth

          • Ben

            Lol why? We’re not talking about my appearance.

            Oh, Diesel, if everyone criticizes you on the internet has to post a pic of themselves, you’re in for a real treat.

            No, I won’t stop talking out of my “pictureless gaping asshole mouth”. This is a blog. More importantly this is NOT your blog.

            If you don’t like what people say about you, may I suggest get off the internet? Or you can always act like your age, so we can stop talking anout you.

            I mean, for a guy pushing 50, it’s pretty sad that you have to resort to name calling and slut shaming just because you got destroyed in an argument.

            You accused people of being ageist towards you, yet here you are criticizing “small” penises. Respect and tolerance goes both ways.

            Keep posting, so more people can see how brainless and uneducated you are.

          • Diesel Washington

            You must be all Hot and bothered now
            Look how many times u respond to me… I can post all over this Thread because the post is talking about Me…Not You. So I have every right to post whatever I want. And I like how quickly you brush over not having a picture. Cause u can say whatever u want about cause this post is taking about Me..
            But u want to judge me and I cant see my accuser what kind of bullshit is that. If you don’t want to show your face on a Porn blog then stop trying to come from Porn star who not only show their face but have to hear brainless comments from people who wont even show their faces…
            And lost in a argument? When did that happen? In order for me to lose an argument I need to see whom I’m going against in first place..
            Now take your Hot and Bothered self, off this thread before I continue to run you into the ground…
            Get a picture and stop acting all judgmental from a safety spot. Judging me and cant even post a face picture but want to tell me what to do…
            Bitch please

          • Ben

            Actually, i’m not hot and bothered.

            I’m actually enjoying your posts a lot.

            We were talking about your attitude and behavior. Not once, your looks were called into a question.

            Yet you keep asking anout my picture and somehow me not posting my picture invalidates my points?

            And no, i won’t stop talking. This is a free country. Nothing i’ve said is illegall. I’m expressing my opinions about you, if you can’t take the heat. Perhaps, you should just stop reading comments on a BLOG?

            You’re not running me into the ground. I have you exactly where you are with my posts.


          • Diesel Washington

            U see how you lose power when I call you out for not having a Picture…You sound like a little boy “And No I wont stop talking” blah blah..
            Even in a court of law I have a chance to see my accuser…You are being judgemental of me yet you Deflect when I saw post a picture of yourself…HAHAHA
            Again this post is about Me and I have every right to defend myself in the comment section.
            Internet trolls like you come on here and spew your rumors and gossip. As a model I can defend myself against such rumors and gossip.
            And I’m not Hot and Bothered…
            I’m protecting my Brand from rumors and gossip brought on from people like you.
            So keep talking away on a gay porn blog, but I wont stop defending myself from Trolls like you in the comment section
            Brand protection against Internet Trolls like you

          • Ben

            You’ve been yawning since 2 days ago. And yet here you are replying to some coward little boy (according to you)

            Lol it’s cute that you think that.

            It’s funny, we were talking about A, then you switched the subject to Z. When Z was not even part of this discussion in the first place.

            Deflect and deflect

          • Diesel Washington

            Seems you were caught off guard when I said I like to see my accuser. Ever since that point u backpedaling and trying to think of what to say… don’t open the can of worms and now don’t know what to do next.
            Now I’m bored..
            This was fun at first but then got boring when u got stopped cold. So I will leave you to your comment making.

          • Ben

            I didnt backpedal anything. If anything you did, we were talking about you not me. The subject has always been you.

            Thank god at least you’re pretty enough so that you can do porn.

          • Diesel Washington

            I know you are talking about Me…
            But I’m asking about you…….
            The post is already about Me…I just here protecting my Brand against Internet Trolls like yourself.
            You have left so many comments about Me, asking about Me, talking about Me. So its your turn…
            Out of all this time talking u could have posted a face pic and yet u don’t
            Why is that??

          • Ben

            Because i’ve told you over and over again.

            I’m not a porn star or a public figure. You know, considering this is a porn blog?

            The subject was and has always been about you. You’ve been deflecting mu points with your question anouy my pic. My pic or how I look is not relevant here.

            Again, the subject has always been about you. Zach made a post about you, not me. Are you really that uneducated to grasp that?

            And also, didnt you say in your very last post before this one that you were not gonna respond anymore and here you are again entertaining an internet troll like you.

            Fyi your “brand” has been destroyed by your own doing. The fact that you’re “retiring” says a lot about you as a “brand”

          • Xzamilloh

            Aron Ridge. GAWD, I wanna fuck him so bad!!! It’s almost a sickness the way my dick instantly gets hard when I stumble across his porn. Dean Monroe’s lucky white British ass got to toss that salad in Blackballed 5!!!

          • WebSlinger
          • Xzamilloh
          • WebSlinger
          • WebSlinger
          • Xzamilloh

            Oh I hate you so much. But I love you… but I can’t love you… cuz I hate you!!!

            Prince in the morning!!!

          • WebSlinger
          • n24rc

            What I found attractive about him, isn’t just that he is a fitness nut and has a brick shit house for a body, it’s because he is a very talented musician and singer. Colton Ford, move out of the way! Lol.

          • WebSlinger
          • YUSS

            who’s that hottie?

          • WebSlinger
          • moondoggy

            Okay, I have enough trouble focusing without your bring up old hot men.

            One of my favorite things in LIFE was this John Summers movie that everybody but me ignored called Magnified. It is almost totally ungooglable. But it contained a scene with Clint Benedict as a Marine recruiter trying to sign up a high school kid (Alec Powers). Oh jesus. I would kill for a non-vhs version of that movie. It was deeply flawed, which is why no one carries it, but it pushed a lot of buttons.


          • nick
          • moondoggy

            Yeah, that’s it. If they were selling it on the cheap as a download, I would buy it, but I’m not into rentals. But thanks for sending the link!

          • nick

            yeah, the whole rental thing is such a rip-off and so 1990’s (as is the C1R website)
            But that’s why video dowloaders/grabbers were invented.

          • moondoggy

            lol! Point taken! I’ll keep that in mind, but on a skill scale of 1 to 10, I’m only about a 6 in terms of grabbing and snatching.


          • nick

            Aaron Ridge……..the crush I had

        • Ben

          Dude the only think your age was brought up is because you’re constantly acting like -a 15 year bitch high school girl. Act like your age.

          Older guys are hot. Rogan richards. Lukas ridgeston. Jason torres and the list goes on.

          Don’t try twisting our words and turning it into something else. Playing the victim card does not suit you especially when you’re pushing 50 and acting like a brat who does not get her pony on her birthday.

          Physically, you’re very attractive. It’s your off screen camera demeanor and attitude that turn people off. You’re a porn star. Period. Not Regina George

          • Diesel Washington

            Bottom line my off screen camera demeanor got you here talking…
            Again I don’t care what u think about Me. My job is to entertain you and I did. Got you leaving comments on a blog about Me.. Love or Hate Me my job is to get you talking about Me.
            So I still did my job

          • Ben

            No. That is not your job. Your job is to fuck on camera. That’s it. Your opinions, most of the time, are not wanted or asked for.

            The only reason we’re talking about your off screen activities is because you’re slighly more well known than an average gay guy. That’s it.

            And we’re not being entertained by you. We’re laughing at you and Billy, not with you.

            Your only “job” is to fuck on camera, don’t give yourself more credit than what you actually you’re entitled to

            You keep saying you don’t care. Yet you keep replying to posts here. If your tweets are any indication. You do care about a lot of stuff even the ones that dont concern you

          • Maximus
          • Diesel Washington

            That Tea was decaffeinated and weak…

          • Ben

            Mmmm no. Keep calm? Lol.

            My post got you all riled up that you posted paragraphs in response to it.


          • Diesel Washington

            Still posting Gifs
            But can’t post a face picture…
            Yeah okay…
            Getting hype off nameless/brainless/pictureless internet trolls?
            Hardly this is called Entertainment for Me…

          • Ricky

            More people need to remember Diesel is practically the only major porn star actively promoting safe sex all the time; I bet somebody somewhere did not get HIV because of his rants. Also remember throughout his career he has been snubbed by other porn stars for being black, going back to the late great but disappointing Erik Rhodes. He also seems to be an exemplary grandson and Uncle

            ……But somehow Diesel is his own enemy. I love a good Twitter feud, and some men (and women) deserve it. However Diesel was just cruel to use the name of a porn star in an April Fool’s Day joke when that 22 year old just said he had HIV the day before. Yes I realize it was a joke but for once couldn’t he leave someone alone? The subsequent Twitter war wad Diesel at his worst. Then there is Micah Brandt, who does not seem to even want a scene they did together released. He gave some vague but bizarre excuse about having less muscles then, WTF? Ok, now I’m talking too much, all I want to say is look at people as people, and stop bragging about “slaying” them just once.

          • Diesel Washington

            Listen Nameless Bitch without any pics…
            You can talk whatever garbage u want. Follow my career or try to read me.. The fact is I use my pics and do what I want when I want..
            Like I’m going to listen to some stupid profile from somebody that can talk shit but doesn’t post a picture of his face?? You a dumb bitch…
            If you are going to read me or come for Me.. At least have the balls to post a fucking face pic at least. You fucking coward reading from behind a screen.

            Laugh with me or at Me..
            You still laughing at what I wrote so in someway u were entertained
            And Asshat, the way porn runs nowadays, what u do off camera is almost as important as what U do on camera..
            Now crawl into a hole…
            Ben HAHAH
            More like Ben(D) over you sloppy cunt writing from a pictureless profile…
            Don’t come from me when u cant even show your face
            Like to see the face of whom is trying to read like a coward

          • Ben

            I thought you said you didn’t care what people think of you?!

            Guess not.


          • Diesel Washington

            Instead of Gifs
            Use your face pic
            I need a Laugh

          • Ben

            Lol nice try trying to dodge the subject here. We were talking about YOUR behavior. Not about your looks or mine.

            Why does it matter if I looked like an adonis or a 5 dollar whore? I never said anything about your physical looks. In fact, i said you’re gorgeous physically. It’s your insides that are dark and nasty. Don’t try diverting/turning this into something else.

            You can dish it but you can’take it. You’re the very clinical description of a narcicist. You can spew hate and talk shit of others 24/7 but when the heat is on you. What do you do? You resort to name callings.

            I suggest you to go to therapy

          • Diesel Washington

            How many more comments you want to leave Ben
            The fact is that u can try to judge me but can’t put up a face pic…And I saw what u did just there, u Deflect from the subject that involves you.
            You can not sit behind a comfortable screen and not expose yourself but yet want to tell me about myself? You lose every bit of power you have in anything u say or type on this blog. The post is about Me and I have every right to defend myself against what the trolls say.
            So again post whatever u want….You do it from behind a screen. Don’t point your fingers at me when u cant even show yourself. Coward..

          • Ben

            I don’t know. How many comments have you left here after you said you don’t care about what why people of you.

            Yes, I am a coward for not posting my pic especially since i’m not a porn star or public figure.

            Now can you admit you do care about what people think of you?! You know what, i think the fact that you reply to every post everytime someone criticizes you shows that you do.

          • Diesel Washington

            How many comments are you going leave?
            Again this post is about Me….
            I have the right to defend myself, and not I don’t care what people have to say…Its called defending myself
            So keep talking, its a free country but the minute u open your mouth to say something about me
            I have the right to defend myself and my honor

          • Ben

            As many as I want to.

            It’s fun to see a grown ass man acting like a 7 year old girl.

            Have you looked at your posts? You didn’t defend yourself. You attacked me with name callings and tried switching the subject.

            You have not defended yourself. If anything your posts prove my points. That you, Diesel Washington, have a mentality of a 7 year old girl. You can dish it out but can’t take it.

          • Diesel Washington

            I’m immature and acting young…
            So the fuck what!!
            Is that some ageist bullshit u keep trying to slide in there? Act my age, Act my age..
            No I wont act my age….
            And what does Acting your Old suppose to mean in the first place.? Why act my age when this is porn and fantasy? Dude I say can and do what I want.. You have no control over my personality or my finances. I do as I please and say what I want.
            So u done now?
            Or u want to twist this and say that I cant leave comments on a post about Me next? Dude u proved my point..
            U don’t have to like, but I do this for entertainment. And seeing how u are getting Hot and Bothered by Me is making my dick hard. I’m answering these comments because the post is about Me.
            Why are u leaving so many comments about Me? Because I get you Hot and bothered or because I annoy u? In either case u took the time out of day to argue with Me. I took the time to do this because the post is about Me and I like engaging with fans or Haters in Comment sections..

          • n24rc

            If you care so little, don’t engage or visit. They “don’t care about you” either.

          • Diesel Washington

            They don’t care……
            Yet seem to put their energy into trying to read Me..
            Bitch Please
            I engaged…
            Now what??

          • n24rc

            You can get your free psychotic meds at the local clinic.

  • sxg

    It’s nice to know that Diesel used everything I pretty much have already said about Billy Santoro and recycle it on his twitter account. The least he could have done is offer some fresh new material. And lol some of the things he said about Billy describe what Diesel does as well! Especially trash-talking the studios he’s worked for, Titan being one of them, and he did it twice to them lol

    The comment that Diesel made about Spencer Whitman being a racist is FAR more interesting than this grade school shit throwing fest.

    • Diesel Washington

      Listen Boo…
      I do porn, I have crossed path with Billy before.
      I didn’t use anything of YOURS…its stuff I know BTS so stop trying to take credit for the things I said.
      Geez your an anonymous commenter on a Gay porn blog..
      I do Porn….I am a Porn model.You are not
      Stay in your lane
      Back to Me Dragging this Cumdumpster…

      • Stephen

        I don’t think he was being that serious lol. Also, shame on you for penis size shaming! :-/

        • Diesel Washington

          Oh Please this is Porn
          I’m a consumer myself, Not buying a porn to see little dicks and flat asses

          • Stephen

            Yeah, and just saw your tweets in response to this. I’m no longer a fan. Sorry not sorry.

          • Diesel Washington

            Awww no longer a fan
            I fee so bad now…
            My heart weeps now, whatever will I do now without your support.
            I mean u pay my bills and rent and you buy all my food and put clothes on my back. Wait a minute? You don’t do that…
            Like I give a shit.

          • Stephen

            This tweet by you: “Shaming someone for having a small penis in Reality while a douchbag thing to do its not illegal.
            But I mean..what can you change? Accept it”

            My response: “Rejecting someone for being black is, in reality, a douchebag thing to do, but it’s not illegal. But I mean…most guys just don’t want to sleep with you. Accept it.”

            This tweet by you: “Makes perfect sense in a PC world. But this is Real World. For me…I’m not spending $$ on little dicks going in loose holes..”

            My response: “Makes perfect sense in a PC world. But this is reality. For me…I’m not spending money to see black guys.”

            And guess what? They don’t spend money to see black guys. The reason you don’t see representation is because the majority of gay porn viewers don’t watch the vids with blacks. Supply and demand, bitch. Studios aren’t going to feature you or pay you equally when you make them less money than their white models. And, fyi, I love men of all races, but I’m loving your hypocrisy and bodyshaming because the arguments you use are EXACTLY what’s used to keep blacks out of porn.

          • Diesel Washington

            Last time saying this, I’m entitled to have an opinion I want.. Fine u do not have to agree with my opinion but its mine…
            What is the sense of comparing someones dick size to their race… That has to be the most stupid comparison you can make. You lost any strength in your argument about comparing Race to someones dick size. That was the weakest example u could ever put together..
            You don’t have to spend your money on Black guys that is your choice as a paying consumer….
            “And guess what? They don’t spend money to see Black guys”
            Who is they? And whom are you speaking about? U can’t speak for the rest of the paying consumers out there… U don’t have to spend your money…But there are people willing to pay to see Blk guys. So what the fuck are you talking about? Seriously this is a Stupid to leave…
            Everybody is so hard up in trying to prove me Wrong or discredit Me. All because I speak my mind? You so in a hurry to put me in my place, that u didn’t take the time to put together a reasonable argument to present to Me…
            Bitch get the fuck out of here
            People wont pay to see Blk guys…..and this weak comment from you..
            Keep reading my Twitter trying to copy and paste stuff to make a point. At the end of the day.. You coming to my TL to find stuff to use against Me, and if u don’t like what I have to say…
            Then stay off my TL, mind your business

          • Stephen

            They are two physical attributes beyond our control. You think that it’s okat to argue for representation of people with your trait (black skin) while using the same arguments people use against blacks to defend your comments about people with my trait (small penis size).

            There’s no sense in talking to you because you don’t have the ability to accept when you’re wrong or at least apologize for being insensitive. And yet you think we (white people) should, for some reason, pay to see people like you represented in film…yet you have no tolerance for small-dicked men. If you fail to see any comparison, then I’m done here because you’re not worth the energy.

            And to think your vid with Ryan Raz was my go-to jerk off material for so long…sad to have the illusion ruined. Porn stars shouldn’t have social media…

          • Diesel Washington

            Dude you a dumb as a bag of rocks…
            You going to compare the color of my skin and the plight of a black man in society, to you having a small dick? A small dick that nobody gets to see unless you allow people to see you naked/nude..
            You went there in this debate? All because u strongly disagree with my opinion, and have the need to try to put me in my place..
            Fuck u dude..

          • Stephen

            Race is a social construct. Your skin color is just a physical feature. When people don’t want to pay to see you naked, you cry racism and have an SJW temper tantrum. But if someone else is looked down upon for a physical trait, you’d rather shame them than join. It’s hilarious. Get over the fact that some people don’t want to fuck black guys.


        • n24rc

          Oh let him have that, apparently that is the thing that only matters in his mind. I mean people aren’t interested in him for his winning personality and brains.

      • Sed

        I I never liked spencer Whitman in the first place but I do love knowing who the racists are so I can avoid watching them.

        Diesel you should compile a list of those guys. That would make it so much easier for us fans.

        • baz

          Damn, I liked Spencer. Guess he’s on the no-watch list now.

      • Jer

        Can I adopt you, Diesel? Or hire you to just go around spilling the tea on everyone I don’t like in my real life?

      • R.A.M.J


  • Call 1-800-SNATCH’T

    And all this time I thought pornstars were supposed to be at least slightly attractive… God, I hate these two…

    • BlkManLuvsPorn

      Agreed. Two average looking porn stars, both that seem to have some type of mental issues, going after each other for petty shit… really? LOL

      • Xzamilloh

        I ain’t gon lie, though… if they did porn together, I would watch that shit in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t even do anything… just watch it in awe. Just two basics doing basically basic shit.

      • R.A.M.J

        Average is an over statement.

  • BoomPow

    Hey Deisel. You can find him here on weekdays.

    • moondoggy

      Billy Santoro spends the day getting bred by strangers for free? In a city that I don’t live in? FUUUUUCK!!! Where did I go wrong?

      Everyone here can hate on Billy just as much as they want to, and then have several seats as Wendy Williams would say. When I found out from this that he was starting his own bareback website, I promptly went there and subscribed. I don’t want to see any shaky-cam bullshit because there are already too many frustrating versions of that shtick out now. But if he makes bareback porn that even vaguely resembles his scene with Vander …

      • Scott Rose

        Mmmmmm sign me up too!!! I’d fuck his hole senseless….but I heard that even though he is a dirty cumdump [not meant to be insulting] he is picky as fuck.

  • sanfv

    I’m team Washinton honies. Say what you want but Billy Prolapse is the common enemy. She is brewing the super bug that will kill all the future gay children!
    That and I’m a messy bitch that lives for drama.

  • WhimsyCotton

    Oh Twitter… The virtual palace of class.

  • Mike Julius
  • Mike Julius
  • Mike Julius


    • Mike Julius

      (My reaction)

  • Scrapple

    The good thing about dragging a cum fiend is you can always find the body later. Just follow the slime trail.

  • Xzamilloh

    I love Diesel Washington and have a few videos with his scenes… but, it’s past old now, with the dramatics and the Twitter feud. Twitter feuds are so 2009.

  • Maximus

    You have the opera glasses, but where’s your popcorn?!

  • Seth82

    I seriously did not need to see that shot of cum leaking out of Billy’s hole ever again.

    thanks for burning that image into my head now.

  • czer

    Billy Santoro must be one pathetically desperate gay man.

  • V1

    Billy has it backwards, you have to load BEFORE you leak.

  • jimboivyo

  • n24rc

    Explain calling someone a cum dumpster when a. you work in porn, and b. you work with bottoms in porn who make your job possible. Diesel would be a ranting homeless guy if it wasn’t for them.

    Diesel’s attitudes about topping and bottoming seems to be very heteronormative and sexist. As if the bottom is a lesser man for taking it in the ass. I’m a big baby in regards to that, I’m a “pussy” because I’m a top. Diesel needs to take his daily Zoloft meds.

    • Bradster

      Agreed 100%. DW has major psychological issues.

    • Diesel Washington

      CumDumpster refers to Bareback performers and Sorry I’m not a Bareback performer..
      B.”You work with bottoms in porn who make your job possible” not sure I understand the question I work with bottoms Yes because I’m a Top. I treat my scene partners very well so not sure what the fuck u are talking about.
      My attitudes about topping and bottoming seems to be very Heteronormative(What?) and sexist.. ?? WTF ?? So saying I’m a Top and have no desire to bottom makes me a Sexist? That is a bunch of Bullshit and gossip and rumors
      I’m a Top only and no amount of money is going to get me to Bottom…I’m a Top I enjoy fucking and I love how my dick feels in a tight ass when the bottom tightens his hole around my cock..
      I don’t need to Bottom to show how good of a performer I am. Geez just get over it. I’m a Top and good at what I do

      • n24rc

        You work with bottoms in porn who make your job possible – that is a statement of fact and not a question. We aren’t having a dialogue, since I don’t bother talking to random raging lunatics on the street.

  • R.A.M.J

    All I see is two basic bitches arguing.

  • Scott Rose

    Hmmmmm. I’m pretty sure most of you watch Sean Cody and Belami….all cum dumpsters. Don’t hate on what you enjoy privately….are you Republican?

  • Scott Rose

    Whoa! I just followed Billy Santoro on twitter. He’s fucking amazing. I’m a fan.