The Gladiator 2 Trailer Is Here, And It’s Awful

Posted July 9, 2024 by with 6 comments

I like everyone in the cast, but as you’ll hear in the trailer below, the use of a rap song in a historical epic set during the Roman empire is corny, lazy, cheap, desperate, and completely out of place. The sound of psychotic dingbat Kanye West’s voice alone is enough to ensure I won’t be seeing this piece of crap. If they’re trying to appeal to younger audiences (the only consumers movie studios care about) who weren’t even born when the first Gladiator came out, maybe they should’ve used a song from this decade? “No Church In The Wild,” which starts playing halfway through the trailer, came out in 2011, long before deranged Kanye had all his meltdowns and came out as a lunatic anti-Semite. Here’s one of the worst trailers of the year, which shows most of the entire movie and is way too long at over three minutes. Ridley Scott should retire.

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