The Golden Globes Are On Sunday?

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I seriously thought they were canceled (and not just in a “cancel culture” euphemistic way—I thought they were literally canceled forever) after it was revealed that the Globes were full of racist and corrupt ghouls, but leave it to the egomaniacal freaks at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to still think their rigged and worthless “awards” still matter to anyone. They’re handing them out this weekend (who are the nominees? I haven’t seen any movie or star touting their nominations), although it won’t be televised, and there won’t even be a livestream. Via Deadline:

The controversy-plagued Golden Globes looks set to return this weekend, but no one will see it online or otherwise.

“This year’s event is going to be a private event and will not be livestreamed,” an HFPA spokesperson told Deadline on Thursday. “We will be providing real-time updates on winners on the Golden Globes website and our social media.”

Full results from Sunday’s pared-down Globes will be announced via a press release after the approximately 90-minute ceremony is over, we hear.

NBC revealed on May 10 that it would not air the Golden Globes this year due to the diversity issues involving the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

The network, in a statement at the time, said it continues to believe that the HFPA is “committed to meaningful reform” but “change of this magnitude takes time and work, and we feel strongly that the HFPA needs time to do it right.”

[Deadline: Golden Globes Will Not Be Livestreamed This Weekend]

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