The Oscars Will Have A Host For The First Time In Three Years

Posted January 11, 2022 by with 0 comments

They haven’t announced who it’ll be yet, but I hope it’s an actual comedian who’s done this kind of thing before, and not some movie star who’s only been hired for their popularity. Via Deadline:

The Oscars will return with a host, three years after it last had one.

The announcement came from Craig Erwich, president, Hulu Originals & ABC Entertainment during his TCA executive session.

The exec didn’t give any more details in terms of who will host the annual movie bash but joked that it might be him.

He also touted exec producer Will Packer, saying that he has “his pulse of popular culture”.

According to sources, Packer and the Academy have started to reach out to big Hollywood stars for the gig, with names like Dwayne Johnson believed to be among those on their wish list.


The show was an absolute disaster last year thanks to Steven Soderbergh, and it wasn’t very good the previous two years without hosts. So, they need someone quick-witted who’s actually funny, not a random celebrity who can’t even act. The last host was Jimmy Kimmel in 2018, and I think it’d be fine if they had him back.

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