Theo Ford Lied To Fans About Being Boyfriends With Logan Moore

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theo1For most of this year (and some of last year), Theo Ford was telling everyone that his boyfriend was fellow gay porn star Logan Moore (pictured together above). And last February, in an interview with Str8UpGayPorn, Theo Ford went into great detail about his boyfriend Logan Moore:

You are currently dating Logan Moore. What qualities do you look for in a boyfriend?
Yes, I do have an amazing boyfriend in Logan. I need to be with someone confident and understanding. I’m very generous with the people I love and it’s so amazing to have that one person to give you all they have in return. Being an adult performer requires having a lot of trust in the other person. I’m working hard to make sure I can give and get that trust.

Of all your scene partners so far, which one would you like to do another scene with?
I would for sure shoot more scenes with Logan Moore. He is such an amazing performer, and incredibly sexy too. He is one of the most important people in my life.

Yesterday, as most of you know, Theo Ford announced out of nowhere that he had married (yes, married!) a 25-year-old hairdresser and underwear model from Beverly Hills named Shawn Stolz.


While true love certainly can move fast, Theo Ford and Logan Moore were supposed to have been dating literally one month ago, when they filmed Dominic Ford’s “couples edition” of So You Think You Can Fuck together. In fact, Dominic Ford labels them not just as boyfriends, but as engaged!


married engaged

Now, Logan Moore is speaking out for the first time, and has revealed that he and Theo were never actually a couple at all. In fact, their entire relationship was one big, fat lie:

log1It’s one thing to lie to studios in order to get work, as Logan and Theo did with Dominic Ford (unless Dominic Ford was in on the lie, too?), but blatantly lying to fans in order to attract more attention/fame as a “gay porn powercouple” is just ratchet. Why should fans give two shits about anything either of these admitted liars do or say now? Not that Theo or Logan really care what you think, since their plan “worked” and “paid off,” and they couldn’t be happier about it.


What will Theo Ford and/or Logan Moore lie about next in order to gain more gullible fans? Stay tuned.

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