Thieves Steal $30,000,000 From “Money Storage Facility” In Historic L.A. Cash Heist

Posted April 4, 2024 by with 2 comments

WTF is a “money storage facility”? Normally people put their money in banks, but I guess some businesses were having their money “stored” at a warehouse in the Valley here in southern California. Well, not anymore, because now the money’s all gone. Thieves broke into the warehouse on Easter Sunday (praise Jesus) and stole $30 fucking million dollars, making this the largest cash heist in American history. The previous record for the largest cash heist was the Dunbar Armored robbery in 1997, when thieves walked away with $19 million. In the below report from ABC, one of the “money storage facility” employees says he’s in shock and is “still trying to process” the theft:

This was probably an inside job, which means somebody will eventually get caught when somebody else gets clumsy and talks. Or, the money will eventually be tracked down when someone tries to spend it or launder it.

Another report:

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