THIRD UFO In As Many Days Shot Down By U.S. Military, This Time Over Lake Huron

Posted February 12, 2023 by with 5 comments

Today’s shootdown follows the first UFO shot down over Alaska on Friday—an object described as cylindrical and silver that “interfered with sensors” while it was flying “without any sort of propulsion,” which sounds impossible, unless it’s not from this world—and the second UFO shot down over northern Canada (also “cylindrical”). The third object today was shot down over Lake Huron between Michigan and Ontario, Canada. Via NBC:

The U.S. military shot down an unidentified object over Lake Huron Sunday, a congressional source briefed on the matter and two U.S. officials told NBC News…The officials all said there are no indications of any collateral damage and that the object went down in the lake and officials expect to recover it.

The fact that the government is not telling us what any of these things are (and that at least one of these things was flying without an identifiable propulsion system, while a potential fourth object in Montana last night caused a “radar anomaly” for NORAD) should make things pretty clear: We’re fucked.

Today’s object is said to be octagonal:

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