Thoughts On Duncan Black’s New Tattoo?

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Bvr26VuCMAAvcOF[via Twitter]


Remember what it looked like before (on the right):



  • Nickolas


  • J2


  • NG212

    The fuck was he thinking?!

    • Luca

      I love Duncan Black and he seems a nice guy, but that… thing is too ugly for words. Or thoughts.

  • Loki

    Ugh. He’s ruined himself.

    I blame it on those CockyBoys. Narcissistic, sex-on-the-brain…

    • M3xa

      Well there was apparently a “fangirl” with him who paid for this ugly tattoo….

  • Ed Woody


  • DrunkEnough

    Why do these beautiful people have such identity issues that they feel the need to label themselves with tattooed symbols? It’s awful.

    • AussieB

      Well many are doing porn cuz they do have issues. Not all but alot whether self esteem, abandonment or other troubles.. Jake Jaxson even admitted it as he ‘takes in’ many of these strays half his age. I feel sorry for a lot of them to immature to process what theyre doing at such a young age.

  • pje821

    I used to like him. Not anymore.

  • C3xxx

    Please tell me it scrubs off?

    • Loki

      No, but there’s laser tattoo removal.

      And make no mistake – this thing needs to be REMOVED. There’s no camouflaging or embellishing (with more tattoos) that will cover this up.

  • mtxb2010

    wow, those 2 pics paint a sad picture… my personal opinion – if you follow his twitter, he looks worse and worse as the pics progress… looks like he’s aging fast and loosing mass, he doesn’t look healthy and this right in line with what looks like someone self destructing… his industry takes a real toll, it’s sad to watch

    • mtxb2010

      he looks high all the time in a lot of his recent pics, might explain this tattoo choice (I love tattoos, but that???)

    • AussieB

      Welcome to the world of gay porn. Let’s be real. A lot of these people wouldn’t be doing this if they were totally well adjusted. Some can handle it, esp if they get into it older while educated and with a long term plan. Doing it out of desperation for money, some semblance of fame, dealing with ‘issues’, acting out etc often doesnt end well. Check back in 10 years. He may want to add Dermablend to his Amazon wish list

      • Loki

        “Even sadder is that on social media, he’ll likely get praise & encouragement…”

        It’s already happening. Someone needs to slap these fugly-ass females!

        Yes, there are such things as bad choices! And getting BIG BLACK ERECT PENIS tattooed on your arm is definitely one of them! He’s going to need to cover it or else risk scandalizing some little children passing by or instigating a homophobic attack (str8 men don’t get penises tattooed on themselves). Most modeling agencies won’t want to deal with covering it. Say goodbye to those Andrew Christian photo shoots/videos; as near to porn as those are, they won’t want to be explicit as that. So that’s leaves porn and escorting… I dread to see what he’ll look like in ten years. So sad because he is/was such a beautiful young man.

        • Mihcael Davies

          100% agree

  • Someone Anonymous

    The beard has got to go. He no longer looks like the boy next door. Now he is just a mountain man.

    • McM.

      Even if Duncan Black were to shave the beard and cut his hair, I doubt he could pull off the boy next door in scenes anymore.

      You know there’s a little something extra going on with a guy when he has a tattoo like that.

  • robirob

    Why work out and then cover parts of your body with tattoo ink? He’s so good looking. Why does he feel the need for such an overwhelming distraction from his gorgeous smile?

  • Hudsonman

    WOW… What a dick! Those are my thoughts on Duncan Black’s New Tattoo. Duncan Black is adorable.

  • yaoirabbit

    Looks horrible. I’d hate to take credit for that if I was the tattoo artist. But at the end of the day, it’s his body. So what do I care.

  • Cosmic

    Well at least he’s consistent with his bad life choices.

  • Peter

    I know it’s like night & day the 2 pictures, I guess drinking, partying takes it’s toll on the body after a period of time and he hasn’t really been in the industry THAT long…I know for a fact he bb’s in at least part of his private life (Ryan Rose apparently fucked him bb in Pittsburgh last year very shortly after Ryan fucked Tyler Sweet bb 5 mins after they arrived at the hotel…the info as per Hunter Page who was staying in the same room)…Makes you wonder what these supposed “role models” do in their private lives, more than likely the majority are HIV+ in real life and the industry wonders why models are becoming infected…hmm doesn’t take much to figure that one out…

  • Peter

    I guess you can’t speak the truth on this useless, worthless website, your comment gets deleted…It’s one big GAME covering up for what REALLY goes on in the industry…PATHETIC!!!

  • buffy2004

    i can’t talk about this tragic event #duncanhoneyno

  • rockhard277

    Well at least this lets all the brothas know to go after him. Pretty much confirms he likes the BBC

    • Hunter of Porn

      And I don’t think he’s referring to the British one either.

  • Greninja

    That’s a thick BBC.

  • Lovely

    Wow! That makes Connor Kline’s tattoo look good by comparison and I didn’t think that was possible.

  • GN

    It’s the kind of tat that makes you wonder, “What’s that nurse gonna think when she’s sponge bathing him in 50 years?”

  • James Johnson III

    wow! I assume this helps prove he actually is Gay and not afraid to show his affinity for cock and I cannot hate that with the industry oversaturated with G4P actors

  • Alan

    The only positive I can find is that it will be easy to tell which Duncan scenes were filmed before/after August 22, 2014…

    Duncan is one of my very favourite models currently working in gay porn – even though I wish he would occasionally top more often and film for other studios than Cockyboys. But I just can’t get behind this choice at all…

  • andrew

    I really like Duncan Black. He is a beautiful guy and a great performer. However that Tattoo may indicate that an intervention by family and or friends is needed.

  • Mark-E-Mark

    Da Fuck?