Thugs Fight And Dog Runs Loose As L.A.’s 10 Freeway Engulfed In Flames From Massive Pallet Yard Fire

Posted November 11, 2023 by with 3 comments

Not exactly breaking news, but the stunning visuals of the fire in the video above are worth seeing. L.A.’s 10 freeway—the city’s major west/east corridor running from the coast through downtown (and then onto Palm Springs and beyond) was engulfed in flames overnight due to a pallet yard fire. You’ll see a very scared dog at 5:40 (hopefully he got out of there), and then at 14:15, you’ll see a brawl break out between three idiots who appear to have been stuck on the freeway while it was being shut down. At 14:46, the iconic “Spearmint Rhino” strip club can be seen behind them as they’re pulled apart by cops. Only in L.A.

A KTLA report recapping the fire later this morning is below, with news that the 10 will be closed “indefinitely.” Where’s Mayor Pete when you need him?!

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