Today In Naked Men: Naked Wisconsin Man Tears Down Neighbor’s Christmas Lights, Naked Prison Warden Has Video Chat With Woman In Alaska Halfway House

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It’s a Naked Man Twofer, with one drunk and naked man on an anti-xmas rampage, and a naked prison warden having video chats with a woman in a halfway house. Totally normal behavior for the modern American man.

First, the naked Wisconsin man who was pissed about his neighbor’s holiday spirit. And also heroin dealers? He was drunk, cut him some slack. Via Green Bay Gazette:

Gregory Stanley Brannigan, of Green Bay, faces misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and resisting an officer after police arrested him for tearing down a neighbor’s Christmas decorations while naked.

According to a criminal complaint filed Thursday in Brown County Circuit Court, Brannigan’s neighbor called police shortly after 2:30 p.m. Wednesday to report he was naked, kicking her door and tearing down her decorations. The neighbor told police Brannigan was making comments about heroin and believed he was intoxicated.


This next naked man is a lot more complicated and much more serious, as he’s accused of sexually abusing multiple inmates at the all-female prison he ran in California, and also having nude video chats with a woman who wasn’t even in his prison. She was actually a former inmate living in a halfway house in Alaska, in the custody of U.S. Marshals. Via KTVU:

The former warden of FCI Dublin testified Monday that he made a mistake when he engaged in multiple naked video chats with a woman who was in the custody of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons while she was in a halfway house in Alaska.

“I was clearly out of pocket and out of bureau policy,” Ray J. Garcia told the jury during the sixth full day of trial in Oakland where he faces eight counts of sexual abuse and one count of lying to the FBI. “We are not supposed to have contact with former inmates for two years….I made a mistake. I owned up to it by retiring.”

Garcia is one of five correctional officers to be charged with sex crimes at the all-women’s prison and the highest ranking federal prison official to be arrested on suspicion of these crimes. He is the first of the five to go to trial


The halfway house nude video chat was presented as evidence against the warden, and it isn’t one of the charges he’s currently facing involving what he did to women in the prison. Here’s more on the trial, which includes some great footage of a reporter chasing down the warden in a parking garage outside the courthouse: