Today In People With USB Cords Shoved Inside Their Penises

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We all did weird things with our penises when we were kids (don’t lie and say you didn’t), but it seems like things are getting out of hand these days, and I don’t ever remember anything this crazy happening when I was growing up. As a warning, parts of this case presented on Science Direct may be hard to read, but here’s an excerpt (read in full here):

A 15-year-old male patient was transferred to our department from his local hospital following self-insertion of the knotted cable of a USB wire into his urethra in the context of sexual experimentation.

His repeated failed attempts to remove the cable shortly after its insertion resulted in gross haematuria and he presented to the Emergency Department of his local hospital. After urological assessment, he underwent rigid cystoscopy and optical urethrotomy. This was unsuccessful due to the proximal knotting of the cable. […] Following this, the patient was urgently referred and transferred to our department for tertiary evaluation and management.

On admission, he was haemodynamically stable. The two distal ports of the USB wire were found to be protruding from the external urethral meatus whilst the middle part of the knotted wire remained within the urethra. The patient was an otherwise fit and healthy adolescent with no history of mental health disorders.

Following his request to be examined without his mother, he confessed that he inserted the cable into his urethra to measure the length of his penis triggered by sexual curiosity.

A longitudinal peno-scrotal incision over the palpable foreign body was made and careful dissection was undertaken through deeper tissues, splitting the bulbospongiosus muscle. The knotted cable was revealed in the proximal aspect of the penile urethra and cut from the remainder of the cord. Both ends of the wire were pulled out successfully through the external urethral meatus. The urethra was closed with interrupted sutures and a urethral catheter was inserted.

[Science Direct]

There are images at the link (one of which shows the cable covered in blood after surgery. The teen, thankfully, is doing fine, with no permanent anatomical or physical damage (mentally, who knows).