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Topher-DiMaggio-bottoms-for-boyfriend-Lance-Luciano-on-gay-porn-site-Top-To-BottomTopher DiMaggio’s deservedly-hyped bottoming debut from’s Top To Bottom, in which Topher DiMaggio gets fucked for the first time (on camera) by real-life boyfriend Lance Luciano, isn’t out for another 48 hours, but if the above preview photo is any indication, things did not go so well for our Topher!

A rep writes:

Having seen the scene, the impression it left me with was that Topher REALLY IS a top only guy even in his personal life. He gets fucked but you can tell it’s not easy for him!

Given Topher’s reputation as a diva, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Let’s take a closer look at that face as Topher DiMaggio bottoms. Girlfriend is not happy…


On the bright side, even when Topher is serving constipation realness, he still looks sort of hot.


The only question left is how much of Topher’s constipation face was about the actual pain of bottoming, and how much of it was about Topher’s general penchant for just being a bitch? We’ll all find out on Friday when Topher DiMaggio makes his bottoming debut and gets fucked for the first time ever by Lance Luciano.

Meanwhile, enjoy an easier, breezier, more regular looking Topher DiMaggio as he fucks Jaxton Wheeler in today’s update:

[ Topher DiMaggio Fucks Jaxton Wheeler]

[’s “Top To Bottom”: Topher DiMaggio’s First Time Bottoming With Lance Luciano]


  • sxg

    That bitch is full of shit. She knows she loves to bottom in her personal life. I just think she hates to bottom on camera or is afraid she’ll be seen as the cunty queen she really is, so she made sure she was one difficult little cunt to work with when she’s bottoming so they won’t ever ask her, or make her, do it ever again.

    • GN

      Agreed. A gay man with eyebrows like that is certainly no stranger to bottoming….

  • Zambos79

    Sxg: hahaha!!! Lmao!!
    Topher has a hot ass.

  • Bull

    @sxg LMAO……..
    @zach some blogs are reporting that lance is topher’s ex

    • zach

      I’ve been unable to confirm that, but at the time of the filming, I do know they were boyfriends.

  • JoePorn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz