Trailer For Josh Hartnett Movie Trap

Posted April 18, 2024 by with 16 comments

The good news is that Josh Hartnett is officially back after his role in Best Picture winner Oppenheimer. The bad news is that his next movie, Trap, is from M. Night Shyamalan, arguably the worst one-hit wonder director/writer of all time. Everyone liked The Sixth Sense, but after that, it’s been bomb after bomb after bomb after bomb after fucking BOMB, proving that Shyamalan is the biggest worthless hack in Hollywood history. Based on the trailer below, which is full of unrealistic dialogue (“these seats slap!”) and horrid acting from virtually everyone (especially the daughter and the t-shirt salesman), including the extras, Trap is guaranteed to be yet another gimmick-driven piece of garbage.

If you’re truly dumb enough to be planning on watching this movie, I’ll be courteous and tell you that this trailer gives away key plot points, and basically the entire movie:

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