Trailer For Sexual Predator Kevin Spacey’s First Movie Post #MeToo Cancellation

Posted February 6, 2024 by with 3 comments

What kind of d-list direct-to-video crap is this? It’s a new movie starring Kevin Spacey, in his first leading role since being accused of sexually assaulting and/or harassing like a zillion people over the last seven years. The movie is from a studio called “Invincible Entertainment,” and I’ve seen OnlyFans jerk-off porn filmed in the back seat of a Ford Fiesta with higher production value, not to mention bigger stars. Poor Rebecca de Mornay. Loved her in Hand That Rocks The Cradle.

Here’s creepy Spacey wearing a Party City wig in the instant flop Peter Five Eight, which the studio says will have a “limited” theatrical run later this year. Sure.