“Traitor!” Humiliated Lindsey Graham Booed Relentlessly By MAGA Cult At Trump Rally

Posted July 2, 2023 by with 8 comments

It was not a good day for Lady G. Lindsey Graham was humiliated in public yesterday by the MAGA cult at a South Carolina Trump rally, and you can hear the nonstop boos in both his introduction (video above) as well as throughout his entire speech (video below). This kind of public humiliation is a bit of a twist for the closeted homosexual senator, as he’s normally humiliated in private by the male escorts he pays to fuck him in darkened motel rooms. Either way, it had to hurt being booed by the people he represents in his own state, not to mention the fact that this klan rally was taking place in Pickens County, where the unmarried faggot was born.

Some have speculated that the boos were due to the fact that Graham is a supporter of Ukraine in the Ukraine/Russia war, and the MAGA cult is supposedly against the U.S. being involved in that conflict. That’s of course horse shit, as the brain dead MAGAts don’t have a clue (nor do they care) about what’s going on 6,000 miles away, let alone what’s happening in their own backyard. The booing is for the same reason they’ve always booed: Lady G didn’t support Trump with his coup attempt, and he blamed Trump for the Jan. 6 attack in D.C. Here, as you’ll recall, were the QAnon/MAGAs booing Graham and calling him a traitor in an airport just after the insurrection in 2021:

Graham has been blackmailed by Trump over his homosexuality for years, so that’s why he’s once again being forced to degrade himself on the campaign trail, and it would almost be tragic if it weren’t so hilarious. Here below is another angle from the crowd of Lady G being booed for a full six minutes. Let’s hope one of his big-dicked male hookers fucked the pain out of him later in a Pickens Comfort Inn.

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