Trans Elderly Serial Killer Charged With Murdering And Dismembering Another Woman

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Harvey Marcelin has already been convicted of killing two ex-girlfriends, and now the 83-year-old trans woman has been charged with murdering a third person in NYC. Via Fox5NY:

An 83-year-old convicted killer has been charged in connection with a dismembered body found in Brooklyn last week. The NYPD confirmed that Harvey Marcelin, a transgender woman who has been convicted twice of killing women, is charged with the concealment of a body.  They expect more charges to follow.

The torso of 68-year-old Susan Layden was found in a shopping cart at the corner of Pennsylvania Ave. and Atlantic Ave. in the Cypress Hills section. Police found the body in a large bag inside a shopping cart.  The woman’s head, arms, and legs were missing.

Marcelin, who identifies as a transgender woman, spent decades behind bars for killing two ex-girlfriends.  She was on supervised parole, according to a NY State database.

She was allegedly caught on surveillance video dumping human remains near her apartment, according to the Post. A human head was later allegedly found in her home.

At a State Parole Board in August 21, 1997, she admitted that she had “problems” with women.

I get exhausted just going up the stairs sometimes, so how an 83-year-old is able to chop people’s heads off is beyond me. Maybe she had a good chainsaw.

[Fox5NY: Elderly convicted killer arrested after dismembered body found in Brooklyn]

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