Trans Performer Angelina Please Found Dead In Las Vegas

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The new star—who had been scheduled to shoot a scene with director mr. Pam on the day police discovered her body—was found dead in her Las Vegas apartment after doing a “bad batch” of drugs, according to her mother. Via DailyMail:

Transgender porn star Angelina Please died alone in her Las Vegas apartment after doing ketamine and was ‘unrecognizable’ when police found her four days later. The 24-year-old performer was found in her locked apartment on March 15.

Her mother Stephanie told DailyMail that she reported her missing on the 15th after not hearing from her for several days. She is believed to have died on the 11th – the last time anyone heard from her.

Stephanie Montalbano said that while an official cause of death has not yet been provided, her daughter had been doing ketamine the night she died and that she believes she died from a ‘bad batch’ of the drug.

She was alone and the apartment was locked when police found her body next to drug paraphernalia. Angelina dabbled in ‘party drugs’ like cocaine and ketamine, her mother explained, adding that while she did not approve of her drug use, she wanted to know about it.

Angelina, 24, ‘loved’ her job. She started identifying as a woman when she was 18, after watching her older brother transition from female to male.

‘It was fine [when she transitioned]. I already had a son who is trans, he came out first, so when Francesca came out it was like “well, it’s another one!” her mother said.

Her mother said that while she knew she did drugs, she was not worried that she was an addict.

‘She said she was doing ketamine when she went out to party. We talked about it. I always told her to be careful and to make sure she knew exactly where she was getting it.

‘She wasn’t an addict… She did have some issues with methamphetamine a few years ago. Then recently she started doing the party drugs. I didn’t like her doing it but I’m not stupid. I know the scene she was in and that people do drugs,’ her mother added.

The family has raised over $20,000 on GoFundMe to bring Francesca’s body back to Chicago, where she grew up, for burial.

‘We just want to bring her home now. She was so much more than a porn star.

‘She meant so much to so many, and what she did for a living was such a small part of who she was,’ she added.


The GoFundMe is here.

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