Transgender Vehicular Manslaughter Perpetrator Caitlyn Jenner Lashes Out At Joe Biden For “Transgender Day Of Visibility” Falling On Easter Sunday

Posted March 31, 2024 by with 7 comments

No, Joe Biden didn’t “declare” anything new, as the March 31st Transgender Day of Visibility has been around since 2009, and it happens to fall on the same day as Easter this year. Of course, you can’t let reality get in the way of a brain dead murderer who’s addicted to right-wing media attention. Caitlyn Jenner (seen above, after killing someone with her SUV a few years ago) took to Twitter yesterday to lash out at Biden for the Trans Easter crossover (crossdresser?):

Via TMZ:

Fact is … the TDOV has been around since ’09 — when Barack Obama was in office — but it seems Caitlyn, and other conservatives, are reacting to an official White House proclamation that got posted this week.

And, of course, Twitter users were quick to point out that idiotic Jenner was celebrating the TDOV back on March 31st in 2017:

FYI: Easter was on April 16th in 2017, which is really so weird and tells you just how stupid and pointless the holiday is. A holiday can’t be that meaningful or even fucking REAL if it’s not even in the same month, year after year. And if you’re wondering who or what the hell determines the date of Zombie Jesus Day, it has to do with the god damned full moon and the spring equinox, which sounds Satanic and/or like witchcraft, and not very Christian-like:

How is the date of Easter determined every year? The holiday occurs on the Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox, which welcomes spring in the northern hemisphere.

And, as usual, the replies to Caitlyn the clown are perfection:

Finally, ICYMI, here was a report showing how Caitlyn Jenner caused the deadly car crash with her SUV and killed that poor old lady in the white Lexus:

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