Troy Accola Describes “Worst Scene Experience” With “Annoying” Co-Star Who Uses Trimix And Is “Super Old”

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[Update: Troy Accola has pulled his video down from YouTube.]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last year, you can easily identify who Troy Accola is talking about during the first half of his “Worst Scene Experiences” video below. I had it figured out as soon as Troy quoted his co-star as saying, “I’m kind of a big name…all these boys love me.” Then, the mention of Trimix is a dead giveaway.

As far as the other unidentified performer in the second half of the video, I can’t figure that one out. It was obviously someone at CockyBoys, but none of Troy’s scene partners there seem to match who he’s talking about. Also, I had to turn off the video once Troy (a Gaga stan) started complaining about Madonna, as I can’t tolerate that! If you think you know who the second performer is, leave your guess in the comments below.


Performer Jacen Zhu has identified himself as the second performer mentioned in Troy’s video, and he’s tweeted a sincere response (below) to Troy, telling him that he could’ve expressed his wishes during the time of filming:

jacen1 jacen2

  • sassytop

    I think the second guy is Sean Ford who is a major Madonna fan.

    • Galaxy_Scribe

      Sean Ford is super old? by what definition?

      • FrenchBug

        Sassytop is talking about the second story (he presumably commented before Jacen Zhu outed himself as the second guy)

        • Galaxy_Scribe


  • FrenchBug

    It may be because my own sex life is 90% made of traumatic, gross, or awful hookups with people I turn out to have no sexual compatibility with or that seem to belong to a asylum/museum of horrors rather than my bed, but that second story didn’t seem *that* bad to me, particularly for porn.
    I get why JZ’s feelings may be hurt but I don’t think he came off that bad out of that story – it was at least as much about Troy being annoyed it wasn’t going smoothly because it was his birthday and he wanted to be somewhere.

    • Galaxy_Scribe

      I’ve done a little porn scheduling in my day. Unless they’re major jerks, I assume he could’ve said when the scene was being discussed “hey, this is my birthday, can we bump this 24 hours?”

      • FrenchBug

        Well, it doesn’t seem like he minded the scene being on his birthday, although obviously scheduling plans for after a porn shoot is always taking a risk.
        But, your point is exactly why I said it didn’t read to me as a criticism of Jacen personally as much as a succession of small reasons why Troy didn’t enjoy this particular shoot. I am sure other performers have made him do sexual things like sucking nipples that he doesn’t enjoy much but it was in the context of his impatience that he listed this scene as his least enjoyable.
        Not to overthink this, of course.

        • c_find

          I don’t think Jacen Zhu is annoyed because the story makes him look bad. More sounded like he rather he told him all this to his face then act like nothing is wrong and then turn around and broadcast his misgivings all over the internet. I’ve nerver been into this Troy person but from hearing all this he just comes off as immature and bitchy.

          • FrenchBug

            I didn’t have the same reaction as everyone else to this video but I can see why it’d be taken that way.

            It seems to me from the story that when he crossed the line (the spit), he was told. The rest (nipples, Daddy, etc.) would have not been a story had he been able to perform. But he wasn’t.

            These kinds of cant-believe-this-guy-is-into-this things happen to most sexually active men all the time when we hook up with other random guys; it is bound to happen even more often when they don’t even pick the sex partner.
            So I understand the “Don’t kiss Don’t tell” mentality of not discussing these things in public while still working in porn, but I honestly cannot find the energy to condemn him for gossiping and being annoyed by small things a guy he sleeps with did when this kind of idle petty criticism of our sex partners is literally what 90% of us do with our friends every chance we get.
            But I am clearly in the minority on that one.

          • B.C.

            Only, major thing that slipped Troy’s mind was that he is working at CockyBoys. So is Jacen, and there lies the problem. Don’t talk shite about colleagues ’cause bosses will quench your “rebellion”. Ergo, Troy’s apology.

  • Tavon Adams

    who’s the first performer?

    • FrenchBug

      When I first saw the post, I assumed it was Dolf Dietrich (from the arrogant asshole part) but the small dick comment made my mind immediately go to Billy Santoro.
      It fits with Trimix, working out part etc…
      And he worked with both of them at Icon Male.

  • TK

    Now that the video is removed it’s a little hard to follow.

    He didn’t like working with Jacen because he kept talking about Madonna and wanted to do something Troy didn’t want to do?

    • FrenchBug

      Can’t believe he removed the video.

      OK The second story was, in a few words:
      – Shoot was on his birthday and he had made plans to go see Lady Gaga when she exited her NY hotel after the shoot (she apparently had a same-time-every-day appearance)
      – Performer (JZ) couldn’t get it up despite taking several Viagras which obviously frustrated TA all the more that he had “places to go”
      – Performer (JZ) made TA call him “Daddy” despite being just one year older, made him suck his nipples for a long time to get hard (and didn’t get hard), and fell asleep while the director went to get some “stronger” Viagra at the pharmacy
      – JZ also apparently spit in TA’s mouth (?) which ended up really pissing TA off for the rest of the shoot
      – TA says the guy (JZ) is actually a nice guy and made a crack on how he has bad taste in music because he likes Madonna and TA is a “Little Monster” and can’t deal with that (it seems largely tongue-in-cheek to be fair).

      • TK

        Okay. Thanks.

        Re: the spitting in mouth thing — I feel ya Troy. I hate that shit.

        • Alann6

          Amen to that.

      • Galaxy_Scribe

        Lol, “for my birthday I want to look at a celebrity from a distance!”

        DREAM BIG!

  • Zachery Binx

    Wasn’t he just online begging for money Via Go-Fund-me a few weeks ago with some sob story about a person dying, stuff being stolen, being kicked out of his home, a sick pet… something something (it’s hard to keep track of all the sad reasons porn people use socially funded sites).

    Now here he is, apparently financially stable enough to be posting videos bad mouthing other porn workers that could potentially cost him future work. Not only with those particular people (and the studios that they work for that obviously won’t appreciate being made to look bad) but also at any other studio that might now think twice about bothering with him if it’s just going to create drama behind the scenes and in public.

    I get trying to come up with content for YouTube, but he really could have been way more discreet in this situation.
    He could have just said “I did a shoot where I had tried to schedule plans after for my birthday to see Lady Gaga, but it just wasn’t happening so I was obviously going to miss out on what I really wanted to do.” Then he could have just said the co-performer was a really nice guy and he likes him, but it was just frustrating that things weren’t going smoothly.

    There was really no need for specifics about the JZ situation, especially when 1) it was only going to hurt that particular person whom you claim is a nice guy that you like — and — 2) You can’t really complain now when you never voiced a problem with the situation while it was happening. Both of those things are kind of a dick move on TA’s part honestly.

    My takeaway from all of this is that apparently TA is a whiny twat that will act all polite and friendly to your face, willing to do anything for some cash, but throw mad shade behind your back and act like an immature brat when he doesn’t get his way.

    • Seanumich

      How is it immature shade. The guy COULDNT GET IT UP. If your JOB is to have an erection and you cant, YOU are the problem. If your JOB is to perform and you decide to take a nap, that is on YOU. If your job is to hjave sex and you think it is appropriate to SPIT on somebody that is on YOU. Somethings should not have to be discussed since they are OBVIOUS to any person with a brain. ALso, the excuse that the guy got in at 2 am for a 10 am shoot is hysterical. I fly into meetings on 7 am flights and have to do seminars and trainings at 11 am. Welcome to the work world

      • Zachery Binx

        Nowhere in my post did I say that any of the things JZ “allegedly” did were acceptable. You need to keep in mind that these are things he supposedly did based on one persons recounting of events. Just because JZ chose not to defend himself against every accusation doesn’t mean he admitted guilt. It’s not fair to just assume everything as gospel because “someone on the internet said it happened”. Maybe the only thing true in this is that he asked him to call him Daddy, or that he took a nap. It’s not wise to just go off about how this is all JZ’s fault because of what someone else claims he did with no proof.

        Next, I would honestly say that in the situation of having sex on camera for money, both parties should have discussed everything that was going to take place ahead of time ensuring it was all consensual. JZ might be at fault for not asking if things were acceptable before doing them, but TA is just as negligent for not addressing his concerns before, during or immediately after. That’s like blasting McDonald’s online after they put ketchup on your burger, but you never asked them to remove it while ordering. It was a frustrating inconvenience to you, that you told nobody about or gave anyone the chance to correct, but then blamed them for the problem existing in the first place.

        JZ made it plainly clear in his messages that he is an approachable person, willing to admit that he was possibly making mistakes and seemed genuinely hurt that a fellow coworker that he trusted didn’t openly talk with him about this incident at the time or at all after to resolve the issues. JZ approached the situation politely, didn’t throw any specifics or “receipts” back, didn’t try to draw out the drama and gave an honest professional reaction to the accusations being directed at him.

        Since you seem to willingly blame JZ for everything he was accused, lets at the very least address them here then. Getting and keeping an erection seems to be a common problem among many male sex workers, which is why things like pills and injections are around sets regularly. Shoots can typically last hours and it’s also not uncommon to hear stories about performers taking naps while things like lighting and set dressings are being situated. Spitting in porn happens all the time, and spitting into the other performers mouth is something that occurs in many scenes; some even by performers working at the very same studio in question.

        As far as your personal example of “the working world”, congrats on your ability to function at an office job on minimal sleep. JZ said he drove, arriving at 2am for a 10am shoot. Who knows when the last time was that he slept before driving, how long that drive was, when he was finally able to fall asleep and what time he had to wake up to make that 10am time. Even if he had seven hours rest, not all people function correctly on the same amount of sleep. Oddly, it’s almost as if people are individually different from one another and not all exactly the same.

        Specifically referring to your question of how this was immature, I would say that as a working professional, even you would have to admit that gossiping about a fellow coworker and tossing around potentially damaging accusations about them on social media when you never attempted to discuss the problems with them or get them resolved is pretty immature. More so when you’re doing it on a platform specifically with the intention of gaining attention for the gossip like a needy teenager.

        What’s boggling about it though is if there were so many issues as TA states, why did he not bring up any complaints at the time? Maybe letting one or two problems slide I can understand, but all the situations he claims occurred and he said absolutely nothing the entire shoot to try and address it? Realistically at that point you have nobody to blame but yourself for it being a frustratingly negative work assignment.

  • WorkBitch

    The irony of this video looking just like one of Billy Santoro’s “Morning Coffee” videos…

  • Shawn

    Troy is one of my favourite models but I don’t really know anything about him personally. Kind of sucks to know he leans to the bitchy side :(

  • B.C.

    Grrr, I’ve missed it! Reading the posts maybe I should be thankful(?) and let my fantasy about Troy being pretty boy with good manners live on.

  • Hush-ins

    This is yet another lesson on why communication is important. Since TA took down the video, things are hopefully resolved in a civil manner.
    What I regret from this is not coming here soon enough to watch the video.

  • GayhawkAZ

    I watched the video this morning and was surprised that Troy wanted to take the route of trashing his costars. I even commented on the video that it wouldn’t make him popular especially when he ended the video by saying he had a lot more stories to tell.

    I think his desire to do a YouTube channel and keep it interesting overrode his common sense. He really pulled a Levi Michaels there. 🤣

  • Pinko of the Grange

    Dishing the tea is not very good for future employment or come backs.

  • FrenchBug

    FYI He posted an apology video on his YouTube account a couple of hours ago and removed it shortly thereafter – although to be fair the sound and image were not in sync so it might have been why. I was waiting to see if he was going to repost it corrected but since it doesn’t look like it…

    It was a fairly standard apology. He did sound somewhat upset and you could read between the lines that he had gotten a talking to. He did straightforwardly apologize (no “I am sorry if you…”) and repeated that he thought well of JZ as a person.
    But yeah he clearly had heard from his bosses shortly before.
    “I didn’t mean to break the fantasy the director was trying to create” sounds like something the CockyBoys folks would say (and therefore presumably told him when berating him off for posting the first video). He also made a passing a reference to the “studio I am contracted with” – and the random mention of “contracts” in a 3-min casual non-scripted video is a pretty good tell that “contracts” must have been mentioned to him

    As mentioned below, while I think “kiss-n-tell” is against the ethics of the sex worker, I didn’t think the content of the video itself was *that* bad. Oh well. May he live and learn.

    • Scrapple

      Frankly, CB should be embarrassed for putting out that Jacen/Troy scene as it is. They spend all this time (sometimes years) on these other films, but they had this vid with Jacen throwing string cheese all over the place and trying to make it a dom vid. No Sir. They kept all this stuff in showing Jacen should not have been topping. There was even something with the cumshots that was weird. The whole thing was a sad production. If you’re gonna get birthday dick, it should be good dick. And that dick wasn’t good. And I like Jacen, but his topping is not always on point for the same reason.

  • Seanumich

    I am not sure why Troy is getting the bad rap for a guy FALLING asleep on the job. A performer in the sex industry who cant get it up is USELESS. I’d also say it isnt TROYS place to tell a guy not to drop a “loogy” into his mouth, if that is his the guy spitting should ASK first. I guess you shpuld commuicate before a scene that you dont want somebody to shit on you too?
    I’d say if you acted that way, you deserve to be called out. I also find it funny that people always want people to be honest, then when they are honest they are treated liek crap too. That is why we have performers who say this is the greatest scene ever on twitter, when we know in reality it isnt.

    • Paul J

      If any performer in the sex industry can get it up 100% of the time with any partner(s) and all the distractions/people on a gay porn set, I’d be staggered. And no-one is 100% honest either. Plus Jacen is right that if you have a problem with someone, raise it with them, don’t bitch and whine on the internet.

      • FrenchBug

        I am a bit confused about this line of reasoning. Why would Troy have gone to Jacen to tell him he was mad he didn’t perform well? What purpose would have that served? *That* would have been unnecessarily mean and bitchy and conflict-inducing. And pointless.

        Mentioning (without naming JZ) the story in a response to a fan question sometimes later is not necessarily wise, but at least it is a reason.

        • Paul J

          I agree that Troy shouldn’t have complained to Jacen that he was mad about having to wait around because Jacen couldn’t get it up. At best it would have been pointless and perhaps counter-productive. However, I imagine is not exactly an uncommon problem in the industry and I think it is bitchy to mention it, even anonymously. The first thing almost everyone thinks on reading that is who is it and tries to work it out, as this article proves.

          The other complaints (the spitting, the call me Daddy stuff etc), should have been dealt with at the time. As others have pointed out, being subjected to activities that your partner think are hot, but you dislike, is one of the hazards of having sex with a stranger.

        • Marcus Collack

          Being honest with someone isn’t being “unnecessarily mean and bitchy and conflict-inducing.” There is a way to broach any conversation. Not having the conversation is the problem.

          • FrenchBug

            Honesty for honesty’s sake is not always the solution.
            I get the criticism of him posting the video. I just don’t get what would have been achieved by telling JZ he didn’t enjoy their scene in person when it happened.

  • Well I was a Troy Accola fan but talking bad about the Queen of Pop is unacceptable to me. And I don’t care for younger performers who treat older performers and fans badly because of their age. Troy must forget that he’ll be “super old” someday too. And karma is gonna be a bitch when he does get “super old”.

    • pilot101

      lady gaga fans are always ageists. They can’t come for Madonna so they always attack her for her age. Another one on my black list with that annoying youtuber tylear oakley.

  • Vancrawman

    Don’t they all use Trimix, anyway??

  • macko

    It should be true in the porn industry as it should be in real life sex hookups. Talk about your sexual likes and dislikes before hooking up. Meeting someone for the first time, or fantasizing about them is just that FANTASY. I finally started having GREAT sex when I stopped believing in fairytales and started asking for what I want and what my partner wanted and expected. IT might not seem romantic or a Hallmark moment, but it saves you time you can’t get back.


    I will never tolerate anyone speaking ill of my Madonna. Damn kids.

    • FrenchBug

      Never understood either why it has to be a either/or proposition. I love both! And Cher! And Kylie! Why does liking one has to mean disliking another, *especially* when they often have similar music and personalities.
      Fans are so weird.

    • pilot101

      i didn’t see the video but did he say that someone has bad taste because that person likes Madonna? damn… gaga fans are still pressed and living in 2011 i see

  • hotsweetspot

    I guess TA’s pretty-boy, blond, innocent looks were a disguise for what was inside, not the reflection of the kind, sensitive person we had come to believe he was. He was a favorite of mine for a long time. He completely mis-stepped with this. He’s totally off my chart now. Bye Bye, TA.

    • hotsweetspot

      I guess I should add a P.S.

      I sympathize with TA for having to work with Billy S. He looks like he’s shaved about 20 years off what his IAFD bio says. There is constant bad new about him and the law suit he faces with crazy, talent-less N.N. whom he appears to love. I’d stay as far away from him as I could.

  • Karla

    Well, I didn’t see the video, it does seem like a stupid thing to do, but did he really give enough info about JZ to reveal his identity? Was it necessary for JZ to put up his hand and make a bigger deal out of this? And thus revealing the studio as well?

    • FrenchBug

      The studio was clear from the video (he said it was his current studio) but as you can see from Zach’s item it was extremely unclear who exactly it might be and, had JZ not put his hand up, I don’t think we would have guessed (and he actually misleadingly stated he thought the performer was not with the studio anymore, which would have made things even more difficult). There was literally no identifying info besides the Madonna fandom.
      Which is yet another reason why I am a bit puzzled by everyone’s reaction.

  • pilot101

    a gaga fan complaining about Madonna for no reason and attacking people because of their age? groundbreaking…

  • Cosmic

    Don’t they all use erectile dysfunction drugs these days?

  • Bazon

    This dude is also a far right extremist btw