Troy Accola Describes “Worst Scene Experience” With “Annoying” Co-Star Who Uses Trimix And Is “Super Old”

Posted October 9, 2018 by with 48 comments


[Update: Troy Accola has pulled his video down from YouTube.]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last year, you can easily identify who Troy Accola is talking about during the first half of his “Worst Scene Experiences” video below. I had it figured out as soon as Troy quoted his co-star as saying, “I’m kind of a big name…all these boys love me.” Then, the mention of Trimix is a dead giveaway.

As far as the other unidentified performer in the second half of the video, I can’t figure that one out. It was obviously someone at CockyBoys, but none of Troy’s scene partners there seem to match who he’s talking about. Also, I had to turn off the video once Troy (a Gaga stan) started complaining about Madonna, as I can’t tolerate that! If you think you know who the second performer is, leave your guess in the comments below.


Performer Jacen Zhu has identified himself as the second performer mentioned in Troy’s video, and he’s tweeted a sincere response (below) to Troy, telling him that he could’ve expressed his wishes during the time of filming:

jacen1 jacen2