Trump Booed While Trying To Sell $399 Sneakers At Shoe Convention

Posted February 17, 2024 by with 9 comments

Joke candidate, joke election, and a joke country. Nothing is even real, and this is the worst reboot of Idiocracy I’ve ever seen. Via AP:

…Trump made a highly unusual stop Saturday, hawking new Trump-branded sneakers at “Sneaker Con,” a gathering that bills itself as the “The Greatest Sneaker Show on Earth.”

He’s selling the hideous shiny gold shoes for $399, which means he’ll need to sell about 900,000 pairs of them in order to cover the $355M judgment he was ordered to pay in the New York fraud case this week. More on the con full of weed smoking Gen Z’ers and a variety of deranged lunatics here. Some in the crowd weren’t totally out of their minds, and can be heard booing the tangerine shitstain in this clip:

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