Trump Considers Bringing Back Firing Squads And Televising Executions If Elected President

Posted February 15, 2023 by with 6 comments

LOL, via International Business Times:

Former President Donald Trump is considering bringing back firing squads and televised execution if he is put back in the White House, according to a report.

Specifically, the sources say Trump has talked about potentially bringing back death by firing squad, hanging, guillotine and group executions. One of the sources said Trump has mused about airing a government-backed ad campaign that would include televised footage of the executions and the final moments of the lives of the prisoners.

“The [former] president believes this would help put the fear of God into violent criminals,” one of the sources told the publication.

[International Business Times]

While this will never happen, it’d be funny if he got his way after being elected (this will never happen either, since he’ll either be dead or in prison within the next year) and somehow ended up later being one of the people executed on live television, after being convicted of any of the numerous crimes for which he’s currently being investigated. The last eight years of American history truly will have been worth it if we get to see Trump having his brains blown out on live TV.

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