Trump Praises Hannibal Lecter To Thousands Of Cult Members In Latest Display Of Dementia

Posted May 12, 2024 by with 5 comments

In case anyone needed more proof that Sleepy Joe vs. Demented Don 2024 is far and away the most humiliating and pathetic political era in American history, here was Trump incoherently rambling about Silence Of The Lambs and Hannibal Lecter to a crowd of psycho cult members in New Jersey yesterday:

He’s apparently trying to compare undocumented immigrants to cannibals, if you’re looking for a through line there. No, it doesn’t work, but maybe I’m still trying to make sense of this senseless shitshow. Also, he keeps saying “the late, great” Hannibal Lecter, but Lecter was very much alive at the end of Lambs and the sequel, Hannibal, so he’s factually wrong as well as being crazy, obviously.

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