Trump Security Blocks Attendees From Leaving Boring Speech At Mar-a-Lago

Posted November 16, 2022 by with 3 comments

I saw a few seconds of this horror show last night and thought there’s no way anyone—even the most diehard and brain dead MAGA freak—could be remotely interested in seeing this mound of pickled feces gargling up insults and lies for another two years. Turns out, not even the people in the room wanted anything to do with it. Via Mediaite:

In what may become a broader metaphor, security personnel at former President Donald Trump’s campaign launch prevented a crowd of people from leaving what ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl called a “low-energy” speech.

On Tuesday night at Mar-a-Lago, Trump made what may have been the first presidential campaign announcement to take place at the site of an FBI raid, delivering what many considered an underwhelming, boring speech in which he promised to MAGAGA (Make America Great and Glorious Again).

One description was repeated over and over: the repurposed Trump insult “low energy,” which was how Karl described the speech as he reported on the crowd of people who tried to leave, but were prevented from doing so:

“I actually saw people trying to leave and people leaving early even before he was done. He’s still speaking now. And then they, I think, perhaps a little concerned that the hall, the hall would empty out too much. They actually started preventing people from leaving. So now they’re no longer allowing people to leave.”


For what it’s worth, I’m still sticking with my prediction that Trump will be dead within the next year. One look at his grotesque physical appearance— his face always looks like it’s melting, his morbidly obese body that’s oozing out of his clothes, his rotting flesh, his inability to speak in complete sentences without slurring or spitting—and it’s clear he doesn’t have much time left in this world, thankfully.

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